Symel GIF Cartoon Twelve: The Demon Fights

If you are using a graphical browser then there is a problem on my site, if you are using a text based browser then this is normal. Here is a text version of the cartoon (speech in capitals):  the end scene from The Unix Witch opens. NOW DEMON OF UNIX DO MY BIDDING Symel aka the Unix Witch cackles.  The Demon of Unix heads of into the night in search of prey.  WHO ARE YOU? MY NAME IS MAC. WHY ARE YOU STARING AT ME LIKE THAT? Mac says as the demon approaches with a gleam in his eye.  After dealing with the annoyance, the demon returns to its master. I DIDN'T KNOW HE REALLY EXISTED Symel exclaims, seeing the demon's carnage before Mac's head falls into her cauldron. YOU RUINED MY CODE says a shocked  Symel. HAPPY HALLOWEEN says a weary Mac from inside the cauldron.

Comments: Sorry for the violence, but this was Halloween and I really hate those ads. This is extremely poignant considering that Mac OS X is just a FreeBSD rip off! Thieves! I would not mind if Mac OS X was free software oriented, but they are just plain stealing from the community. This is exactly why I personally prefer copyleft (it probably would have stopped Apple). The prequal to this is The Unix Witch.

Happy Halloween - 2006

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