Symel GIF Cartoon Eighteen: Happy Bugyear!

If you are using a graphical browser then there is a problem on my site, if you are using a text based browser then this is normal. Here is a text version of the cartoon (speech in capitals): Symel is working on some code for a New Years fireworks ejection system. Jame's calls out and Symel leaves to assist him. Meanwhile, the Bug Fairy pings in and smugly places a bug in Symel's code. Symel returns and tests her code, only to have the computer literally explode, covering the place and Symel in black. The Bug Fairy pings back in and gloats HAPPY BUGYEAR! Symel angrily mutters I HATE LITTLE FAIRES, HAPPY BUG YEAR INDEED!

Comments: Another appearance by the Bug Fairy...
The sequel to this is New Years, Old Years.

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Note: the Bug Fairy sprites are copyrighted by Andy Weir and are not under the GFDL, it is used under fair use as a homage (which he did say you could do). I might draw a GFDL mimic later.


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