Contents: This document contains editing information for the Q3A bot.
The Q3A bot is an artificial player for the computer game Quake III Arena.
Author: Mr Elusive
Last update: 2000-01-04

Copyright 2000 id Software, Inc.

 Creating a new bot character 

Each bot character includes the following files:

[name]_c.c file with the characteristics
[name]_t.c file with ichats used to initiate a chat
[name]_w.c file with weapon fuzzy weights used for weapon selection
[name]_i.c file with item fuzzy weights used for goal evaluation

These files are stored in the 'botfiles/bots' sub-folder.

A scripts/[name].bot file has to be added with a new bot definition before the new bot character can be loaded. Multiple bot definitions can be stored in a .bot file. Quake3 will load all bot definitions from all *.bot files in the scripts/ sub-folder. Up to 1024 bots are loaded from all available scripts/*.bot files. A bot definition in a .bot file is created as follows:

 name [bot name]
 funname [bot fun name]
 model [modelname][/skinname]
 aifile bots/[name]_c.c

[bot name] is replaced by the name of the new bot. This name is used with the 'addbot' console command.
[bot fun name] is replaced by a name with colors or spaces for the new bot. The funname field is optional.
[modelname] is replaced by the name of the model the new bot should use.
[/skinname] is replaced by the name of the skin the new bot should use. If there's no skin name provided the default skin is used.
bots/[name]_c.c is a reference to the file with the characteristics of the new bot.

[name]_c file

This file contains the characteristics of the bot. References to the files [name]_t.c, [name]_w.c and [name]_i.c are included with these characteristics.

[name]_t file

This file contains the chat lines the bot will use to initiate a chat.

[name]_w file

This file contains the weapon fuzzy relations/weights used for weapon selection.

[name]_i file

This file contains the item fuzzy relations/weights used for goal evaluation.