Contents: This document contains editing information for the Q3A bot.
The Q3A bot is an artificial player for the computer game Quake III Arena.
Author: Mr Elusive
Last update: 2000-11-22

Copyright 2000 id Software, Inc.

 Bot characteristics 

Every bot has a set of characteristics for skill 1, 4 and 5 ("I Can Win", "Hardcore" and "NIGHTMARE!"). Skill 2 and 3 ("Bring it on" and "Hurt me plenty") are interpolations between skill 1 and 4. These sets of characteristics are stored in a file called bots/[name]_c.c.

A skill level with a set of characteristics is defined as follows:

skill [number]

[number] is replaced with the skill number, 1, 4 or 5.
[characteristics] is replaced by characteristics from the file chars.h. Every characteristic is indexed using the index values defined in this file chars.h. There's also a short description of each characteristic in the file chars.h. When a characteristic is not filled in for one of the skills 1, 4 or 5 then the default characteristic from the file bots/default_c.c is used.

NOTE: You can have a seperate bots/[name]_t.c, bots/[name]_i.c and bots/[name]_w.c file for each bot skill. So basically you can have different weapon and item preferences for each skill level. You can also have different chats for different skills.