The GtkRadiant team is currently looking for additional members to help with the following positions and roles:

  • Level designers and programmers interested in adding support for Return to Castle Wolfenstein.
  • Level designers and programmers interested in adding support for War§ow.
  • Level designers capable of doing additional general testing and feedback for all supported games.
  • Programmers capable of fixing bugs and improving features.

Source Code

The GtkRadiant source code is now on GitHub which makes it easy for anyone to fork the project, make changes, and submit a pull request. It also contains a bug tracker and wiki. This is the official version and you can compile it for the latest release. GtkRadiant's old subversion repository is available as an archive.

Mailing List

Developers can subscribe to the GtkRadiant mailing list. It is dedicated to discussion about development of future versions of GtkRadiant. You can subscribe to the mailing list, post a message to all the list members, change your existing subscription, or read the archives.


The official GtkRadiant IRC channel is available at #radiant. You can chat about level design, texture creation, modeling, programming, development and bugs.

Issue Tracker

The GtkRadiant issue tracker is also on GitHub. If you are new to filing bug reports, you might want to read up on some guidelines to help you get started.

Radiant Forks

GtkRadiant has a number of forks. This section is just a list of some of the larger active projects.

Current Contributors

You can find a list of active code contributors on GitHub.

The GtkRadiant website is designed and maintained by Obsidian.


Support for a particular game engine in GtkRadiant 1.6 is tied to having an active developer to test and fix issues. A full list of the latest updates to the gamepacks can be obtained from the GtkRadiant Gamepack SVN. Looking to having a particular game supported? Volunteer to help. Here is the list of games supported and who is in charge of them.

GtkRadiant 1.6 Supported Games
Game Contributors
QuakeLive QBall, Obsidian
Quake III Arena Obsidian, TTimo
Urban Terror TTimo
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory merlin1991
Quake Eric Wasylishen
Quake2 jdolan
Quetoo jdolan
Return to Castle Wolfenstein merlin1991
Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force GSIO01
Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy mrwonko, Obsidian

Legacy support for other games may be available through older versions of GtkRadiant though the 1.4 and 1.5 branches. Other games may have support though 3rd party forks.

We are interested in adding GtkRadiant 1.6 support for War§ow. If you actively map for any of these and want to help us get there, let us know.

Legacy Supported Games
Game Supporting Editor
Dark Places GtkRadiant 1.5, NetRadiant
Doom 3 GtkRadiant 1.5, Doom3Edit
Half-Life GtkRadiant 1.4, 1.5
Prey GtkRadiant 1.5
Quake 4 GtkRadiant 1.5, Quake4Edit
Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix GtkRadiant 1.4, 1.5
Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast GtkRadiant 1.4, 1.5
Tremulous GtkRadiant 1.4, 1.5, NetRadiant
UFO: Alien Invasion GtkRadiant 1.5, UFORadiant
War§ow * GtkRadiant 1.5, NetRadiant
Xonotic/Nexuiz GtkRadiant 1.5, NetRadiant
* Help wanted for support.