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I added Markdown support to IcculusFinger. Whatever, I do what I want.

One of the problems with the existing IcculusFinger markup is that it assumes you are writing ASCII but might want some enhancements, like underlining, etc, so it tries to format it to match, even on webpages...including newlines. This turned out to be awful on smartphones, since it intentionally wouldn't reflow text. Plus, when writing a .plan, you had to make concessions that line length would change with markup, etc. Markdown solves this by being WYSIWYG (no, really!) for text output, and does the right thing for HTML output. Everyone wins.

Basically: if you ever find yourself writing a .plan here again, just wrap the whole thing in a markdown block.

This is probably a fool's errand; maybe this will be the only time the finger daemon will ever see a piece of Markdown. This was sort of a stumbling block to longer-form blogging for me, though, since it was hostile to how people used the web, so I would either tweet, or do longform blogging on Google+ (a fool's errand in itself, no doubt). I feel like this gives me back some control, without having to do something grownup like install Wordpress, y'know.

Maybe I'll blog ("plan"?) more now. We'll see.

Other stuff:

...but right now, most of my deep, deep realtime shower thoughts are still found on Twitter.


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