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Killing Floor: finally getting a playable female character!

 This ships tomorrow. Updated Mac builds are in place.

 I love this trend. Dungeons of Dredmor added the option to play as a
 woman (and not one wearing a chainmail bikini, to boot) a few months ago.

 Now Killing Floor is doing it too, adding a woman named "Ash Harding."

 Hail to the queen, baby.


 Now shipping in Humble Indie Bundle #5!

 This is a brand new native port. If you had the Mac version that's
 on Steam, that's running under Transgaming's Cider tech. This is
 a new Mac and Linux port, from scratch.

Other stuff:

 Humble Indie Bundle #5 shipped this morning, and at the 12 hour mark is
 about to pass 1.5 million dollars, so apparently everyone agrees this is
 a good batch of games.

 My involvement with this one was porting Psychonauts, which brought
 Shader Model 1 support (no, really!) to MojoShader, plus a bunch of
 other fixes.

 I've got tons of game work in progress right now: new stuff, patches to
 older stuff, etc. It's sort of a hectic time around here right now.


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