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This has been a busy month.

Humble Indie Bundle #4: now live! Get seven (Seven!) games, DRM-free, Mac/Linux/Windows,
 with Steam keys, for any price you feel like paying. You decide where your
 money goes, including to charities.

 This certainly isn't the first bundle, but I happen to think it's
 the best so far. You are a flat-out sucker if you don't get a copy.

 All of the games are quite good; I did the Shank and Super Meat Boy ports,
 but I've fallen in love with all of them.

 Please be gentle: all seven of these games are brand new Linux ports!


 The biggest complaint thus far seems to be that the first boss fight seems
 to take a massive performance hit. We're looking into this.

 We're collecting bug reports at and will
 do another patch before the Bundle is over, I hope.

Super Meat Boy:

 Your Linux save games are in ~/.local/share/SuperMeatBoy. You can do some
 limited key and joystick rebinding with the buttonmap.cfg file in the
 game's installation directory.

 We're collecting bug reports at and will
 do another patch before the Bundle is over, I hope.

 Correction about a previous note: this game will possibly work on
 old Intel GPUs, if you force it to low detail and wait for my fixed version.
 Low detail mode is enabled with -lowdetail on the command line. There's
 also a bug that prevents the game from working with the open source
 video drivers, which I'm fixing...stupid mistake on my part.

Killing Floor:

 The Twisted Christmas Event is going on now! If you want to shoot Zeds with
 a little holiday cheer, you have until January 4th to do so.

 If you've been getting crashes since upgrading your Mac to Lion, these should
 be fixed in the latest builds, which Steam will give you next time you try to

Other Stuff:

 I've been having an internal struggle about whether I should be using an
 iOS or an Android phone. I've got a Nexus One and a 3Gs here. I waffle
 daily about which I like better, and constantly switch the SIM card between
 them. I have some complaints about both. I wonder what two major versions
 better of Android would do for my attitude. iOS 5 was certainly an
 impressive upgrade.


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