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Other stuff: a lot of things have happened this year, and exciting things are
 approaching in the coming months. I hope some day I might document them, but
 I can feel the appropriate time for all that is slipping away. Twitter kills
 blogs (.plans?) dead, and I tweet with some frequency because you can burp up
 140 characters quickly and still be pleased with the result:

 ...but I do hope to return to the long form of self-importance at some point.

 In the meantime, I promised Eric Wing that I would post this link awhile ago.
 He wrote a book about game development on iOS, and asked me to review the
 OpenAL portions. He spent a great deal of effort making it platform-agnostic,
 so it can prove to be a useful guide to OpenAL even if you don't care about
 the iPhone at all.

 Take a look at it here:


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