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 The Steam UI beta could, briefly, assign games to multiple categories.
  I spent an hour or so assigning all my games: TODO, First Person Shooters,
  Finished, Worth Playing, Indie, etc. It satisfied some deep OCD in me or

 Shortly before the beta ended, this functionality was could
  be assigned to categories you define, but only one at a time. There's
  probably a good reason for this change, but I don't understand it. Most
  games defy simple categorization.

 Some blanket categories are built it ("Mac Games", "Favorites", "Recently
  Played"), but it's not the way I think about my games, and the way I want
  to find them on a whim.

 So I built a tool to solve this.

 Basically, you go there, you tag your games, and then you can filter them
  by those tags. Click the game to launch Steam and install/play the game.
  Tags follow you from computer to computer. It's that simple.


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