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Geeze, you don't update your .plan to pimp every little thing you do and
everyone starts to think you're a welfare queen or something. Fine, here you

Killing Floor:

 Now available for Mac OS X, via Steam:


 Mac Steam version now shipping with Steam Cloud support, go buy it!

The Humble Indie Bundle:

 Was a wild success! Read all about it, and the four ports I contributed, here:


 Now open source!


 Final official Linux version was in the Humble Indie Bundle, along with a
 brand new Mac OS X port. Source code coming up soon!


 If you're a teacher in Canada, go request a copy for your classroom:


 I've been improving the iPad support in 1.3 for some projects, and we've got
 five Google Summer of Code students this year.

SouthEast LinuxFest:

 I'll be talking again this year, this time about kernel development:

Other stuff:

 I work on lots of things that I don't announce here. I really irks me that
 people think I'm sitting here doing nothing, especially when everything I
 work on wants more time than there are collectively hours in the day.


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