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 So I thought I should talk about this a little more, since I've gotten,
 seriously, a ton of personal emails about it.

 Both my announcement of FatELF and my last .plan update saying "that didn't
 work out" hit the front pages of Slashdot, Reddit, Hacker News, Linux
 Today, OSNews, etc. I take this to mean the idea was at least interesting.
 For that, I'm flattered.

 People read what they want to read into anything, and if they want to talk
 about decorum on linux-kernel that badly, then maybe there's something to it,
 but please don't make me the poster child. There's nothing worse than hearing
 your name in the same sentence as Con Kolivas or, dear lord, Hans Reiser. I
 tried to convey myself with professionalism, and you can be disappointed with
 an outcome without being, you know, a drama queen.

 If a distro wants to take a shot at FatELF, I'm totally on board. I'll
 happily contribute work, improvements, whatever you need. Just let me know.
 I've gotten emails from several interested parties, so I'll probably patch
 up a few more things and see what happens. I would love to ship games as
 FatELF files eventually, so maybe there's something to be said for getting
 the public on-board and then saying "there." to the kernel maintainers.

 I'm not really interested in doing end runs around the peanut gallery on
 linux-kernel, but if this is the way forward, so be it. Maybe nothing will
 come of it. I certainly don't want to waste time people could have spent
 talking about how their personal subset of the Linux package management
 landscape bakes the freshest cookies and such.

 I just can't get over how many people are talking about FatELF, though. It
 might just be personal investment, but I felt like much more controversial
 pieces of tech get less attention.

 So, if you have something that could benefit from FatELF, feel free to
 email me and I'll be happy to help you out.


 This is almost done, but I'm crunching on something very important. Hopefully
 I'll start passing some Linux builds to Bit-Blot for testing in ~2 weeks
 when this other project is off my shoulders.


 I did an updated Mac build for Wolfire, so you can get a real Mach-O version
 for Mac OS X instead of the Carbonized OS 9 version. No more Rosetta for you
 Intel Mac owners! In fact, it's PowerPC, x86, and x86_64! That's really
 convenient for everyone that I can do that. I wonder if anyone has considered
 some way to do a Universal Binary on Linux like that...

 Please note that this is not a final build (yet), and your existing Mac
 registration key doesn't work with it (we're fixing that). There are a few
 other issues, but initial feedback has been very positive.

Other stuff:

 Consider throwing a few bucks to Jason Scott's sabbatical. He's continually
 proving himself to be one of the most important historians of the digital age,
 and aiding his work is one of the best things you could do to help the future
 understand the past.

 You might know him as the guy, the BBS Documentary guy
 (or the Get Lamp guy!), or the one behind MC Frontalot's It Is Pitch Dark
 video, or the guy who tried to archive Geocities, or the guy behind

 In any case, he's a smart dude with the right attitude that gets crap done,
 and we could all benefit from your support of his projects.


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