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 I got sick of Mac developers pointing out that Linux doesn't have anything
 like their "Universal Binaries," so I did something about it.

 Comments welcome. I'm submitting the kernel patches later today when
 I figure out how to do it without looking like a n00b, but feel free
 to play with it. There's even a whole proof-of-concept virtual
 machine, with Ubuntu 9.04 x86 and amd64 installs glued into one.

SDL 1.2:

 (You're running out of time. Wrapping in ~24 hours. 1.2.14 will be the
 final 1.2 release, so test svn and report bugs!)

 Since last update: PulseAudio is the default audio target, ALSA has
 more fixes, lots of other things.

Other stuff:

 I was told that I should update my .plan because people were sick of the
  picture of the dog.

 So here's me jumping over him, Mario-style, instead.

 You ask, I respond.

 Also, he just turned one yesterday!


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