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SDL 1.2:

 We're in the final stages of wrapping up SDL 1.2.14. If everything goes as
  planned, this will be the final 1.2 release. We're hoping to ship this
  within a few days.

 There are a ton of fixes. Mostly this is meant to be stabilization work, but
  there were a handful of serious changes: for Unix, ALSA is now the default
  audio API instead of OSS, the PulseAudio code was rewritten. For Mac OS X,
  we made everything Snow Leopard and 64-bit compatible, which required
  serious changes.

 Bottom line is, you should test it now, because if it's broken, it will
  likely stay broken. We're moving on to heavy focus on the 1.3 API after
  this and probably won't do a 1.2.15 release if we can help it.

 Those pulling from Subversion should aim for this:

  svn co

 Those that fear Subversion can get a snapshot in .zip or .tar.gz form:

 Report bugs here:

Other stuff:

 I was told that I should update my .plan because people were sick of the
  picture of the dog.

 So here's me jumping over him, Mario-style, instead.

 You ask, I respond.


When this .plan was written: 2009-10-13 03:12:19
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