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 Full retail version, and updated demo installer, good to go!

 I'm gathering some notes here, for everyone's benefit:

 STEAM UPDATE 2: Okay, we figured this out. Apparently there's was an auth
 server issue before confusing things. You can buy from Steam, but read

 Those installing from a Steam download: your CD key is in a text file
  installed with the game. Look at:

  C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\prey\base\preykey

 Copy this file to $HOME/.prey/base/preykey ...

 If the game prompts you for a CD key when you first start it, you did it
 wrong. The preykey file is two characters less than you'll get from a
 physical CD key.

 Also, if you're on Win64, "Program Files" will be "Program Files (x86)".

 I am updating the installer to handle copying preykey for you.

 I have not tried the direct2drive version; someone tell me if it works.

 If the game crashes on startup, and had written this to the terminal...

  GL_VENDOR: NVIDIA Corporation
  GL_VERSION: 1.4 (2.1.2 NVIDIA 177.82)

 ...then your drivers are misinstalled. The red flag there is the "1.4" string.
 The current nvidia drivers should look like this...

  GL_VENDOR: NVIDIA Corporation
  GL_VERSION: 2.1.2 NVIDIA 177.82

 ...almost universally, the problem is multiple OpenGL libraries residing on
 the system, and usually it's because you installed the closed-source Nvidia
 drivers from a distro-provided package. My current guess is that the X server
 package is installing a generic, Mesa-based GL, and the Nvidia package
 installs another.

 In all cases, it appears that installing the drivers from
 their installer--fixes it, probably because part of the installation process
 is cleaning out old and incorrect's that might be laying around your
 filesystem. The downside is that your distro will no longer be able to
 automatically maintain the package for you...but you're still using the same
 binary-only driver at the end of the day, either way.

 Some people have mentioned that the problem went away when updating the
 distro-provided package, for various distros. I haven't done much research
 into the specific causes and solutions; this is all anecdotal guesswork.

 As for Intel GPU users, it looks like the video drivers are just wanged for
 your hardware at the moment. Sorry, the game just isn't working at all from
 what I've heard. I'm not certain this game is going to be playable on GMA*
 chipsets anyhow, but you should probably talk to the developers about
 it if you want to dig deeper.

 To uninstall, run "" in the game's installation directory.
 This will remove application menus, etc.

 If distros want to repackage this, I don't care. I only ship the MojoSetup
 installer so it works everywhere, but I think it's great that
 distros can compete for the best user experience by making installation
 uniform. The installer can be fully automated from the command line (email
 me for specifics!), and failing that, it is a self-extracting .zip file, if
 that's easier than running it. If you repackage it, please make the user
 agree to the EULAs (the game's and PunkBuster's!)...we have both EULAs
 translated into four languages.

Crysis Wars:

 Linux dedicated server:

Offload servers:

 I need them.


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