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Toby on the iPhone:
  Since moving, every time I take a call, inevitably I'm told "I can't
  hear you, you're really quiet!" Apparently it's my phone plus Sprint's
  network in Charlotte, since I'm the only one having a problem, and my phone
  is fine in other parts of the country.

  Then one night my friend called to tell me his wife might have had a stroke
  and Sprint told me "all circuits were busy!" and that was the last straw.
  The next day, I bought an iPhone and switched to AT&T.

  I can't help but void my warranty on any gadget, so I had to unjail it:
  My iPhone.

  Just for a goof, I tried targetting Toby at the iPhone. The toolchain took a
  little while to build, and someone already had an SDL port for the iPhone.
  With those two components, Toby compiled and ran without any source changes,
  which is pretty cool:

psychedelic2.toby running psychedelic2.toby finished gradient.toby completed.

  ...ran fairly fast, too. When they get homebrew up on the 1.1.1 firmware and
  crunch time is done, I'll probably build a real UIKit interface for the
  thing and polish it up really nicely.

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