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  Time to start thinking about 1.3 (which will add to and change the API, and
  eventually become SDL 2.0)...there's already a big wishlist, but if you
  have any specific wants, feel free to speak up.

  I'll be documenting some of the planned features here soon.

  1.1.1 devbranch:

  Rewrite #5:

  Pardon our mess while building your next installer:

Other stuff:
  So my neck got colder today.

  Dirty hippie.

  Dashing, obviously-successful young man.

  If you happen to have long hair and it annoys you enough to chop it off,
  consider donating it to Locks of Love. It helps children with cancer,
  and it's by far the easiest way to donate to a charity; you literally
  just have to sit around and watch your hair grow. All you do is tell the
  person cutting your hair that you want to donate. They put it in a pony
  tail, lop it off, and that's it. They'll handle the details of sending it
  in and such. Some places even give you the haircut for free if you are


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