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  1.2.12 is officially released!

  The download is here.
  The bullet points on changes are here.
  Everything that was touched in the source since 1.2.11 is here.
  Roughly everthing resolved bug report since 1.2.11 is here.

  Please ask your distribution to upgrade their packages. 1.2.12 is binary
  compatible with everything back to 1.2.0 (and maybe earlier!) so it should
  be safe to just update the existing libraries in-place with an updated

  SDL_mixer, SDL_image, SDL_net, and SDL_ttf all had new releases today too.
  All of them are minor bugfix releases, and remain binary compatible.

  Thanks to everyone that put in a lot of long hours to make this happen!

  1.1.1 devbranch:

  Rewrite #5:

  Pardon our mess while building your next installer:

Other stuff:
  Okay, time to calibrate expectations a little.

  I'm getting a lot of email asking about the Mac versions of Gears of War and
  UT3, so here are a few nuggets of truth that are subject to change at any

  Will there be a PowerPC version? Maybe.
  It is definitely our desire to do one, but it's lower priority. We all
  understand that you bought an uber quad-core G5 that can beat the pants off
  any stupid Intel Mac, and it would play the game perfectly fine. My
  concern is that the vast majority of PowerPC systems simply don't have an
  acceptable video card unless you bought an expensive computer that was
  really meant for high-end professionals (that is, a workstation, not a
  consumer system). That being said, time is being spent making sure that
  various middleware is PowerPC friendly, and I've already added PowerPC
  support for atomic operations, etc. The xbox360 port isn't as directly
  helpful as various Mac forum comments inevitably suggest, but it generally
  does keep everyone honest about byte ordering in data, etc, and
  frankly, those are the most difficult issues to track down. If there isn't
  a PowerPC build in the box, it's a question of running out of time to make
  deadline, and we'll probably ship it in a later patch. Funny how last year
  we were shipping patches to add Intel support. :)
  In any case, if we ship a PowerPC version, it will be G5-only, and require
  at least the latest OS X 10.4 release, and will absolutely refuse to start
  otherwise. I don't see any sense in condescending to G3/G4 systems for a
  title like Gears, and we'll need OpenGL functionality that doesn't exist in
  10.3. You have been warned!

  Will there be a 64-bit version? No.
  You really need OS X 10.5 to even start thinking about this on the Mac, and
  it's probably just not worth the effort in the short term. I'm sure
  UnrealEngine3 itself will support this for future games, though, and as I
  work on a Linux/amd64 box, I tend to clean up 64-bit issues as I go.

  Will it work with my video card? Maybe.
  It will definitely work with the X1600 chips in the Intel iMacs and original
  MacBook Pros. We haven't even started testing on the crappy integrated
  Intel video chips in the Mac Minis and MacBooks, but I am not terribly
  optimistic that these will ever give a good gaming experience. The jury is
  still out. I'll report back later.

  Will it support my dual-processor/dual-core machine? Yes.
  There is already threading done inside the engine on all platforms, so if
  the engine sees multiple processors, it will use them. This includes
  machines with multiple "cores" since each is a physical CPU in itself.
  Every Intel Mac (except that one crappy Core Solo Mac Mini) has at least
  two cores, so that's a win.

  I'm sure there are other questions, so I'll add more here as appropriate.


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