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  A 1.2.12 release is imminent. If we're all really lucky, it will be the
  last release from the 1.2 branch, ever. Sam and I are taking turns
  restraining the other from adding stuff to 1.2 now...just bug fixes now, and
  after 1.2.12, the hope is that even new platform ports and drivers won't go
  into 1.2. That being said, it's binary and source compatible with 1.2.11,
  but has a metric ton of fixes for all supported platforms (plus PulseAudio
  support, a Symbian S60 and Nintendo DS port, WM_XBUTTON support on Windows,
  etc, etc, etc).

  Which means, of course, that after 1.2.12, 1.3 will be the new target, for
  real this time. There's a ton of interesting stuff slated for 1.3, which
  will be carefully watered and nurtured until it hatches into the beautiful
  butterfly that will be known as SDL 2.0. I think if it works out as planned,
  it'll resolve any complaints levied at the library: the obvious limitations,
  like single-window video are already gone, and a lot of stuff you didn't
  even know you were missing is being built by an army of little programmers.
  Think of them like Doozers, but building software instead of buildings.

  Sam has been rocking Bugzilla. His execution on bugs is swift and terrible,
  even for obscure ones that I expected to be permanent Bugzilla decoration.
  None of them are safe. Even the BeOS issues are getting fixed! Momma bugs
  tell their children to behave or Sam Lantinga will get them.

  In the meantime, if you have any interest in SDL, please Please PLEASE
  test your applications with the latest pre-1.2.12 builds, on all platforms
  you can, and especially on Windows, where we have less good test coverage.
  If you app breaks forever, you have no one to blame but yourself.

  From Subversion:
  svn co

  A recent source tarball that is NOT the final 1.2.12:

  A prebuilt Windows .DLL:

  ...we're counting on you, soldier.

  1.1.1 devbranch:

  Rewrite #5:

  Pardon our mess while building your next installer:

Other stuff:
  (The second half of Def Poetry Season Five was somewhat better.)

  So, uh, yeah...apparently Mark spilled the beans: I guess I'll be talking about these here soon.
  And no, neither game is using Cider.


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