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  2.8.1 Linux server:

  1.1.1 devbranch:

  Rewrite #5:

  I just made my loki_setup replacement public:

  Really long rambly explanation is here.

  It needs a lot of love still, but I welcome comments on it, if the design
  of software installer apps is your sort of thing.

Other stuff:

  I don't care what you haters say, Buddy Wakefield is fucking awesome.

  Def Poetry Season Five: not so awesome. I'm halfway through it, and it's
  been a stream of celebrities reciting either bad poems or poems someone
  else wrote (or, in Reverend Run's case, reciting Peter Piper like he
  sincerely didn't want to be there). It's just a thoroughly mediocre
  set of episodes thus far, which is surprising, since the previous four
  years rocked out in significant quantities. Oh well, maybe the last five
  episodes will make up for it. Beau Sia, why have you forsaken me?


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