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  - The correct plural form of "ho" is "hos" and not "hoes" or "ho's."
  Thanks, Imus.

  - Kurt Vonnegut still rules. Only he could write a brilliant book, and
  do his own stick-figure illustrations, including an artist's
  interpretation of an asshole. And have it all be awesome.

  If you missed it, the drawing looks a little like this: *

  Slaughterhouse-Five is one of the most important books you could ever
  read. Thank you for everything, Kurt.

  - It's always scary when Richard Stallman is right: the word "piracy" has
  been completely appropriated to mean "copyright abuse" instead of, y'know,
  murder and pillage at sea. If you read a recent telling of how Gilbert
  and Sullivan opened The Pirates of Penzance first in America, invariably
  the explanation is due to "rampant piracy" of their previous show,
  H.M.S. Pinafore. Yeah, piracy prevention for a show about pirates. That
  repeats a chorus of "let's vary piracy with a little burglary."

  It's almost like Gilbert could smell the irony 130 years in advance.


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