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Google Earth:
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 GNU/Linux 1.3 server:

Other stuff:
 I have to be honest, I don't want to play every inch of Soul Calibur 3 to
  unlock cutesy costume pieces and crap. This sort of thing has scaled from
  being a persistence reward to being a big goddamn hassle.

 It's been coming for awhile...I just couldn't bring myself to find every
  lizard in Shadow of the Collosus, or get that last couple percent in
  New Castlevania Prime 2 Brothers.

 SC3 will probably be the first game I've owned where I copy someone else's
  savegame just to get access to all the meaningless content. I mean, if you
  want me to buy Barbarian Fashion Designer, at least give me all the noses
  for my Mr. Potato Head with a sword!


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