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(If you are coming in from Slashdot, this is part of You can
 find some other interesting projects we host on our homepage and
 read this to see what services we offer open source developers for free.)

(Also, I can be contracted to port your software to Linux and Mac OS X.
 email me:

Google Earth:
 Now available for GNU/Linux from

Other stuff:
 I'm on Chris Dibona's podcast this week, talking about game development, open
 source and free software values, learning to program, SDL, Direct3D vs OpenGL,
 Ghostbusters on the Commodore-64, and, uh, Laura Croft's breast size.

  All the details, links to mp3/ogg files and hooks into iTunes or your
  podcatcher of choice are all available at ...

 Also, please drop Leo Laporte an email and ask him all about Golgi Apparatus.


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