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Unreal Tournament 2004:
 Holy Moly, after all this time, another patch!
  Linux :
  Mac OS X :
  Win64 :

 Naturally, we've had regressions in both the Linux and Mac versions, so
  I'll be doing hotfixes for both. Grumble.

 For those that are experimenting with the new render-to-texture support,
  here're my updated notes from before:

 Some things this fixes:
  - The scoreboard in DM-Morpheus3.
  - Motion blur in Red Orchestra and UnWheel, etc.
  - Realistic player shadows.
  - The Hellbender license plate.
  - Vehicle headlights, mostly.
  - Other things.

 Some notes, first:
  - Mac OS X finally has the GL extension we need for this! If you're using
  10.4.3 or later, it'll work...the game will still run as before (i.e. -
  without the cool effects) on older Mac OS the 3369 patch
  and 10.4.3 will get you going.
  - On Linux and Win64, you MUST have Nvidia's latest drivers, or this WILL
  NOT WORK (although it will probably work like it does now, no render
  targets). ATI's drivers, or anyone else's, will probably work if they
  support the OpenGL extension GL_EXT_framebuffer_object (which I hear they
  do now).
  - The Win32 3369 patch is missing a few significant last-minute fixes for
  this, so the GL renderer will probably work, but be flakey. You should
  be using Direct3D here anyhow. The Win64, Linux and Mac OS X builds don't
  have this issue.
  - You MUST set "UseRenderTargets=True" in the "[OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice]"
  section of your UT2004.ini, or it WILL NOT WORK.
  - To get realistic shadows, you also have to set "bPlayerShadows=True" and
  "bBlobShadow=False" in the "[UnrealGame.UnrealPawn]" section of your
  User.ini...the GUI config will not let you set this, because I screwed
  this up in my GUI patch. You can also enable vehicle shadows in User.ini
  (on by default?).
  - The DM-Morpheus3 scoreboard renders strangely in Windows too; this is not
  an OpenGL renderer bug, it matches the behaviour of the Direct3D renderer.
  - Red Orchestra's motion blur now works (and, unrelated, their splash
  screen got fixed, too), but the sniper scope is still broken; use the
  "texture" setting and not "model" for the sniper scope in the options.
  This is my bug, to be considered later.
  - Please send bug reports to, not my inbox.

Richochet: Lost Worlds:
 Now shipping for Mac OS X!

Big Kahuna Reef:
  Also now shipping for Mac OS X!

 If the game is crashing for you near startup with a SIGILL instruction,
  you probably have an older Athlon chip. We put a new installer up at (the download link there has the same
  filename as before, but it works now).

 2.5.0 is now available for both Mac OS X and Linux:

 Hotfix for Mac users ("2.5.0a"):

Other stuff:

  Excuse the following conspiracy theory rant.

  I'm sure we've all read this by now:

  And with that in mind, I don't believe for one hot nanosecond that there is
  any such thing as the "MySpace Generation".

  MySpace is fine for what it is, but it's not even incrementally innovative.
  It is merely Yet Another Friendster, or Orkut, or LiveJournal, or, hell,, whatever. And just like those other sites, I wouldn't think twice
  about MySpace if I didn't keep reading articles in legitimate news media
  about how MySpace Is Changing The Internet and all that crap.

  So the next step was Googling for "myspace venture capital" and found this:

  News Corporation definitely doesn't have any ties into popular media to
  promote this sort of thing, like, say, a wildly popular television news
  network, right?

  I'd also like to know why the BBC believes MySpace is the "fifth most-viewed
  internet domain in the US," because I suspect that's a "truth" like
  there are "5000 stores on the Internet". I mean, Google's stock price is
  over 400 bucks a share, and someone's giving up the #5 slot for only 580
  million dollars? Bull pucky.

  And, seriously, BusinessWeek, drop the tone:
  "Then she starts an Instant Messenger (IM) conversation about the
  evening's plans with a few pals...At the same time, her boyfriend IMs
  her a retail store link to see a new PC he just bought, and she starts
  chatting with him."

  This is like Apple or Microsoft PR porn. To my amazement, the term
  "share digital photographs online" didn't appear in this article,
  since this seems to be the universal sign to the technologically
  illiterate that this is something they need.

  I mean, don't get me wrong, MySpace is fine, and sites that do exactly
  what they do are an inevitable (and to be fair, useful and interesting)
  trend of ubiquitous Internet access. But the web sites that are generally
  useful (the eBays and the Wikipedias and the Googles, which I used as a
  verb a few paragraphs ago) may have PR campaigns, too, but it seems to me
  that they eventually become inevitabilities because they deserve to.
  And, like the Hotmails and Altavistas, they cease to be inevitabilities
  because they deserve to, as well. Don't feed us marketing-as-news in an
  attempt to alter this evolution.


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