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 Now shipping for x86 Linux! Free demo for download and unlocking of the full
  game with online purchase:

 Mac version just went out to the MacNinjas for beta testing.

Postal 1:
 Running With Scissors, myself, and the MacNinjas spent some time moving
  the original Postal to MacOS X. If you want it, the complete game is on
  the MacWorld "Total Tiger" disc, which hits newstands today, July 26th.
  Make sure you get the right magazine, since this is a special edition of
  MacWorld and not the usual issue.

 You can buy it online here.

 This is currently the only place you can get a real MacOS X version of
  Postal 1, and it's the full single-player game, not a demo, so don't miss it!

Postal 2:
 If you bought the "Meal Deal #3: Minority Combo" disc from, it
  has installers for Mac, Linux, and Windows included. This went to press
  today, so those will be shipping sometime soon.

 If you have a Windows-only AW disc, you can use these installers:

  Apocalypse Weekend installer for MacOS X:

  Apocalypse Weekend installer for Linux:

 The installers will patch your Postal 2 install to 1409.1 if needed.

Unreal Tournament 2004:
 I wedged in a hack for the license plate. There's some depth test mojo
  going on that I can't figure out, so I hacked around it.

 So, here's a first shot at ut2004 for Linux with all the render-to-texture

 Some things this fixes:
  - The scoreboard in DM-Morpheus3.
  - Motion blur in Red Orchestra and UnWheel, etc.
  - Realistic player shadows.
  - The Hellbender license plate.

 Some notes, first:
  - This is Linux only right now; MacOS doesn't have the GL extension I want,
  at least not as of 10.4.2. The second it shows up in the OS, I'll pull
  the trigger there, too.
  - You MUST have version 3355 installed. Earlier (and later, later) versions
  WILL NOT WORK, and the GAME WILL CRASH. You have been WARNED.
  - You MUST have Nvidia's latest drivers, or this WILL NOT WORK (although
  it will probably work like it does now, no render targets). ATI's drivers,
  or anyone else's, will probably work if they support the OpenGL extension
  - You MUST set "UseRenderTargets=True" in the "[OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice]"
  section of your UT2004.ini, or it WILL NOT WORK.
  - To get realistic shadows, you also have to set "bPlayerShadows=True" and
  "bBlobShadow=False" in the "[UnrealGame.UnrealPawn]" section of your
  User.ini...the GUI config will not let you set this in 3355 (but the next
  official patch will correct this). You can also enable vehicle shadows
  in User.ini.
  - Realistic player shadows (or even blob shadows) won't render on terrain
  on the Nvidia drivers, because of their 4 TMU limit for fixed-function
  pipeline apps. There is no fix planned for this at this time. Go buy
  an ATI card if it bothers you, and mail the receipt to Nvidia's
  engineering department.
  - The DM-Morpheus3 scoreboard renders strangely in Windows too; this is not
  an OpenGL renderer bug, it matches the behaviour of the Direct3D renderer.
  - Red Orchestra's motion blur now works (and, unrelated, their splash
  screen got fixed, too), but the sniper scope is still broken; use the
  "texture" setting and not "model" for the sniper scope in the options.
  This is my bug, to be considered later.
  - This was not built on the Holy Build Box. If it refuses to start up on
  your machine because of a glibc conflict, etc, sorry. Wait for an
  official patch.
  - This was built with all my gcc4 mangling from MacOS/x86, and all my Win64
  changes...there is a LOT of code changed over 3355, so if it crashes, too
  bad, wait for an official patch.
  - This is x86 only. amd64 will not be forthcoming until, you guessed it,
  an official patch. If you write me asking for an amd64 build, I will
  delete it without replying.

  If you read all that, here you go:

  Unpack it in your game's System dir, overwriting ut2004-bin ...

Second Life:
 Here's 3k words worth of pictures:

Other stuff:
 If you haven't been paying attention, the source code to Quake 3 Arena
  was released a few days ago under the GPL license. Do yourself a favor
  and grab a copy. Learn how it works, and then make something beautiful
  with it.

 Q3A is probably one of my favorite codebases to have had the honor to
  work with. There's just so many places where you get these "holy shit,
  that's a brilliant idea" moments. I don't know what Doom 3 looks like
  under the hood, but Quake 3 was a real marvel of engineering as much
  as anything else.

 As always, three cheers to John Carmack for being a True Believer and
  putting this out there!


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