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 Yeah, yeah, it's coming...

Postal 1:
 Running With Scissors, myself, and the MacNinjas spent some time moving
  the original Postal to MacOS X. If you want it, the complete game is on
  the MacWorld "Total Tiger" disc, which hits newstands today, July 26th.
  Make sure you get the right magazine, since this is a special edition of
  MacWorld and not the usual issue.

 You can buy it online here.

 This is currently the only place you can get a real MacOS X version of
  Postal 1, and it's the full single-player game, not a demo, so don't miss it!

Postal 2:
 If you bought the "Meal Deal #3: Minority Combo" disc from, it
  has installers for Mac, Linux, and Windows included. This went to press
  today, so those will be shipping sometime soon.

 If you have a Windows-only AW disc, you can use these installers:

  Apocalypse Weekend installer for MacOS X:

  Apocalypse Weekend installer for Linux:

 The installers will patch your Postal 2 install to 1409.1 if needed.

Unreal Tournament 2004:
 Spent some more time with GL_EXT_framebuffer_object, and fixed some
  of the remaining ut2004 issues...the blocky shadows were caused by
  rendering the final shadow textures as GL_NEAREST instead of they match the Direct3D renderer's appearance.

 I also got all the UnrealScript-based render targets to stop drawing
  upside down, which fixes most of the rest of the issues.

 If I could just figure out why the Hellbender license plate is corrupted,
  I'd be golden.

Second Life:
 Here's 3k words worth of pictures:

Other stuff:
 First off, John hit his fundraising goal of 4000 bucks! I saw on his blog
  several people mentioning that they came there through this .plan, which
  is touching; I'm glad I helped in some small way. Even though he's met his
  goal, donations are still accepted and go to cancer research. Details are
  at his blog, which, again, you should read even if you don't plan on
  pledging any money:

 Second, go read The Time Traveler's Wife.

 Now, about this Hot Coffee bullshit.

 I hate having to be the voice of reason here...but GTA was promoting
  ultra-violence, sexism, and racism already. Now someone unlocks a little
  badly-rendered, soft-core porn and it becomes a national emergency?

 If you couldn't get worked up about San Andreas before now, you really REALLY
  missed your window for righteous indignation, Hillary.


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