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 One thing I'm learning by fighting with a different project that has nothing
 to do with UE3: modern 3D graphic APIs are really friggin intimidating.
 I'm really growing to hate both DirectX 9 and OpenGL 2.0, which is
 unfortunate considering there isn't really any part of UE3's renderer that
 doesn't concern itself with DX9-level tech. This makes me grumpy. I feel like
 the Unix equivalent of those two old dudes in the balcony on the Muppet Show.

 Working on the 1.1 spec. Also tossing around the idea of doing a new
 implementation from scratch...al_osx taught me a lot about how to structure
 this, and I have a lot of ideas about what I'd do differently if I had to do
 it again from scratch. Apple definitely seems to have the MacOS side of
 things covered, but there's some other Unixes and such I'd like to tackle
 with this, if I ever get around to it. As for my al_osx code tree, it's
 mostly a historical relic at this point, but it'll stick around on life
 support for awhile for things that need a tiny version until Tiger ships,
 like we did with this crop of Unreal titles and Feeding Frenzy and such.

Feeding Frenzy:
 Now shipping for MacOSX:

 I'm taking an informal poll; if you are a Linux user that has access to a
 Windows or Mac system to try the free demo, I'd be curious to know:
  a) would you pay for a Linux version of this game and
  b) how much would you be willing to pay

 Just curious what Linux gamers think of the casual game market, if anything.

 Unlike the Windows version, this one uses OpenGL to render, which was an
 interesting's really gotten to the point where OpenGL makes
 a lot of sense even for 2D games like's nice to know that framerate
 really ceases to be an issue, where it really was when we handled all the
 blitting and minor sprite-modifying effects on the processor. It also uses
 OpenAL for the audio, making it possibly the most three-dimensional 2D
 game ever. :) Actually, the AL backend was just the cleanest and fastest
 way to get this running, so it made a lot of sense in this case.
 Feeding Frenzy also uses SDL_sound ( to decode
 the audio data, even though it doesn't use SDL for audio playback. This
 worked out really well, since I left the audio code until the last minute and
 this got it running we ended up switching data formats at the last
 minute and didn't have to change the code at all. I don't mean to toot my own
 horn, but damn, I love my own library. :)

 Get the game:

 Some FAQs on the MacOS X version are here:

 A Mac map and total conversion launcher (including a means to play Duke It
  Out in D.C.) are here:

 To install from an unrecognized CD:
  - If you have a Shareware-based disc, just use the data included with the
  installer and not the disc you've got. Otherwise, read on.
  - Find duke3d.grp on the disc.
  - Burn a new disc with a folder named "atominst" (lowercase) containing
  duke3d.grp (also lowercase).
  - Run the installer with this new disc, choose the PC disc, not the
  MacSoft disc.
  - If this isn't an Atomic Edition disc, the game will work, but trying
  to play the fourth episode ("The Birth") will crash the game.

 I consider my Mac work on Duke3D to be done at this point.

 My MacNinjas are beta testing this. Do not email me asking to get in on the
 beta test. We're moving forward, but this isn't close to finished, so don't
 expect this tomorrow.

Unreal Tournament 2003:
 One more Linux build on its way, then I'm taking this out of my .plan, honest.

Unreal Tournament 2004:
 Another patch coming soon for all platforms.

 Still working out crashes...

Call of Duty:
 The Linux server patches are out now! Mirrors are listed here:
  COD 1.5:
  United Offensive 1.51:

Postal 2 Share the Pain:
 Linux retail version is now shipping! Buy it at TuxGames, and help
  starving children in Africa named "zakk":

 Download the free Linux demo from 12 years ago:

 Buy the full game for MacOSX:

 Download the free demo for MacOSX:

America's Army:
 ArmyOps 2.3.0 is marching onward.

Other stuff:
 Did anyone else think it was funny that Christopher Lloyd was playing a
  fictional Lawrence Lessig on tonight's West Wing episode?


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