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Men of Valor:
 Apparently I've been outed: I'm the 'team' working on this for Aspyr.
 More on this later.

 One thing I'm learning by fighting with a different project that has nothing
 to do with UE3: modern 3D graphic APIs are really friggin intimidating.
 I'm really growing to hate both DirectX 9 and OpenGL 2.0, which is
 unfortunate considering there isn't really any part of UE3's renderer that
 doesn't concern itself with DX9-level tech. This makes me grumpy. I feel like
 the Unix equivalent of those two old dudes in the balcony on the Muppet Show.

 (If you want the Apple/VoIP patch source code, it's on the mailing list, but
  not in CVS as far as I know. Check the openal-devel list archives at


 Same as last build, except screenshots work. Unlike previous builds, that'll
 actually do something when you hit F12 to take a screenshot. They'll land in
 "$HOME/Library/Application Support/Duke Nukem 3D/Screenshots" ... they're in
 PCX format (since that's what the game supports) but any graphics program
 should be able to convert them to anything else.

 Some FAQs on the MacOS X version are here:

 Notes on Duke in D.C. and TCP/IP are here:

 My MacNinjas are beta testing this. Do not email me asking to get in on the
 beta test. We're moving forward, but this isn't close to finished, so don't
 expect this tomorrow.

Unreal Tournament 2003:
 There's an exploit in the ut2003 network code, so here's a new build.


 The Linux one has about a million changes over the stock 2225, since it's got
 all the MacOSX work on top of it. Consider it beta. The Mac version has one
 or two fixes, so it's worth updating.

Unreal Tournament 2004:
 Mac version 3339:
 This one is big (90 megs instead of 15), because it installs the ECE Bonus
 Pack. It is safe to use this even if you previously installed the ECE-BP,
 but there are some 3339 things that need to override the scripts shipped
 with the bonus pack, so this was easier than trying get everyone to install
 everything in the right order.

 Linux version 3339:
 Please install the Editors' Choice bonus pack FIRST, and then 3339.
 Bonus pack is here:

 So this goes:
  1) Install game (or take an existing installation at any version)
  2) Unpack ECEBonusPack and copy into game installation.
  3) Unpack 3339 and copy into game installation.

  If you're using an Editors' Choice Edition disc (the box is reddish),
  then skip straight to step #3...the bonus pack is part of the default
  installation on those discs.

 Still working out crashes...

Call of Duty:
 The Linux server patches are out now! Mirrors are listed here:
  COD 1.5:
  United Offensive 1.51:

Postal 2 Share the Pain:
 Apparently RwS has sold out the first print run. They're waiting on more
  discs to show up. Orders will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis,
  so don't be afraid to order in the meantime.

 Download the free demo for MacOSX:

 Buy the full game for MacOSX:

America's Army:
 ArmyOps 2.2.1 for Linux is now shipping!

Other stuff:
 Happy new year.


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