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Men of Valor:
 Apparently I've been outed: I'm the 'team' working on this for Aspyr.
 More on this later.

 One thing I'm learning by fighting with a different project that has nothing
 to do with UE3: modern 3D graphic APIs are really friggin intimidating.
 I'm really growing to hate both DirectX 9 and OpenGL 2.0, which is
 unfortunate considering there isn't really any part of UE3's renderer that
 doesn't concern itself with DX9-level tech. This makes me grumpy. I feel like
 the Unix equivalent of those two old dudes in the balcony on the Muppet Show.

 (If you want the Apple/VoIP patch source code, it's on the mailing list, but
  not in CVS as far as I know. Check the openal-devel list archives at

 Notes on the MacOS X version are here:

 There are apparently some discs from the updated 3DRealms printrun that
  aren't working well with the installer. I ordered one off their webstore;
  if I can reproduce the issue, I'll put out an updated installer this week.

 TCP/IP networking: if you are brave, here're your Google search terms:
  duke3d udp community NOT bother me about networking. It's flakey as hell, you use it at
  your own risk. I might add a UI to start a game at some point, but I don't
  plan to make the protocol robust for internet play.
  Send patches, not questions.

 Duke it Out in DC: Lots of people have written asking about this. I will get
  this working when there is time; please stop asking. Mostly this is a
  matter of copying the right files to the game's installation and launching
  the game with a magic command line, I think.

 Apparently the driver bugfix got rolled into Software Update for OSX 10.3.6.
 Have you hugged an Apple engineer today?

Unreal Tournament 2003:
 There's an exploit in the ut2003 network code, so here's a new build.


 The Linux one has about a million changes over the stock 2225, since it's got
 all the MacOSX work on top of it. Consider it beta. The Mac version has one
 or two fixes, so it's worth updating.

Unreal Tournament 2004:
 Mac version 3339:
 This one is big (90 megs instead of 15), because it installs the ECE Bonus
 Pack. It is safe to use this even if you previously installed the ECE-BP,
 but there are some 3339 things that need to override the scripts shipped
 with the bonus pack, so this was easier than trying get everyone to install
 everything in the right order.

 Linux version 3339:
 Please install the Editors' Choice bonus pack FIRST, and then 3339.
 Bonus pack is here:

 So this goes:
  1) Install game (or take an existing installation at any version)
  2) Unpack ECEBonusPack and copy into game installation.
  3) Unpack 3339 and copy into game installation.

  If you're using an Editors' Choice Edition disc (the box is reddish),
  then skip straight to step #3...the bonus pack is part of the default
  installation on those discs.

  echo -en "\nObstacles to overcome before release: " ; make 2>&1 |
  grep "undefined reference " |
  perl -w -p -e 's/.*undefined reference to \`(.*)./$1/;' |
  sort |uniq |wc -l

  Obstacles to overcome before release: 145

Call of Duty:
 (new COD and CODUO patches are coming...any minute now...)

 Original COD Linux admins should currently be using:

 COD:UO Linux admins should currently be using:

Postal 2 Share the Pain:
 Did an interview with Macologist about Postal 2, among other things:

America's Army:
 2.2.1 for Linux is on the fast track with the beta testers. I hope to see
 it shipping this week. The Mac build is suffering from a serious problem...
 we don't have a license to use GameSpy's SDK on the Mac anymore, for reasons
 I won't get into here. For a purely-multiplayer game, this complicates
 things, to say the least. There are some minor contingency plans in place,
 but this means more delays. I know you all love waiting, sorry about this.

Other stuff:
 Things I want from Thunderbird 1.0:
  - CTRL-D (or Cmd-D on MacOSX) to be bound to "delete message".
  - CTRL-E (or Cmd-E on MacOSX) to be bound to "compact folders".
  - RSS parser should handle
  (right now it never sees updates...several sites I watch have this
  - RSS folders should let me mark items deleted without moving them to
  the trashcan, and then expunge them with "compact folders" (so they
  match my IMAP folders behaviour). In fact, get rid of the trash can
  - Don't let me delete RSS folders without warning. I do this way too often.
  - Spell-check-as-you-type. Having to go through a dialog after the fact
  is a real time consumer, since I can make minor corrections on the fly
  and willfully ignore the correctly-spelled-but-unrecognized words. God,
  I really want this one. Even my IM client does this, and everyone expects
  your spelling to suck there.
  - Quoting in messages I view: I just want the > chars. None of this
  cutesy colorization or blocks or whatnot. Just the email as it was
  written. This drives me nuts in almost every GUI mail app, ever.


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