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Men of Valor:
 Apparently I've been outed: I'm the 'team' working on this for Aspyr.
 More on this later.

 One thing I'm learning by fighting with a different project that has nothing
 to do with UE3: modern 3D graphic APIs are really friggin intimidating.
 I'm really growing to hate both DirectX 9 and OpenGL 2.0, which is
 unfortunate considering there isn't really any part of UE3's renderer that
 doesn't concern itself with DX9-level tech. This makes me grumpy. I feel like
 the Unix equivalent of those two old dudes in the balcony on the Muppet Show.

 (If you want the Apple/VoIP patch source code, it's on the mailing list, but
  not in CVS as far as I know. Check the openal-devel list archives at

 I got ahold of a retail Mac disc for this, and the damned game is packaged
 in some arbitrary installer format. Building a new installer around these
 discs is probably impossible based on current information, and I don't
 intend to reverse engineer the OS9 installer.

 For now, you can still cobble this together yourself on MacOS (install
 in Classic, build the OSX version, copy the right files where they should
 be)...I'll figure out a less stupid solution later.

 Apparently the driver bugfix got rolled into Software Update for OSX 10.3.6.
 Have you hugged an Apple engineer today?

Unreal Tournament 2003:
 There's an exploit in the ut2003 network code, so here's a new build.


 The Linux one has about a million changes over the stock 2225, since it's got
 all the MacOSX work on top of it. Consider it beta. The Mac version has one
 or two fixes, so it's worth updating.

Unreal Tournament 2004:
 Patch coming soon for Linux/Mac. The 3336 patch you're hearing about is a
 beta. Generally we don't build every beta for non-Windows platforms unless
 it looks to convert to a final build.

 Linux dedicated server work starts. In relation to AA, Spearhead, and
 Breakthough, the codebase is...well, unrecognizable. They changed a LOT
 of code. We'll see how this goes. Should-be-easy projects that turn out
 to be a lot of work is becoming a recurring theme in my life recently.

Call of Duty:
 This is a 1.4 server with an exploit closed. Admins should all upgrade:

 The latest and greatest United Offensive Linux server shows up here first:

Postal 2 Share the Pain:
 Postal 2 for MacOS X is now gold! Details on how and when you can get a
 copy are forthcoming. Stay tuned for other surprises, too.

America's Army:
 2.2.0 for Linux and Mac will be coming along shortly. There's a minor bugfix
 on the Windows side that we're waiting for before I get this wrapped up.

Other stuff:
 When you grow up surrounded by willful ignorance, you have to believe that
 mercy has its own country and that it's round and borderless. And then
 you have to grow wings and rise above it all.

  Thank you, Ani.


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