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 Interesting note about Apple at ... the latest
 CVS has 5.1 support on OSX. Sweet!

 Apparently jonof and Ken Silverman have an OpenGL renderer for Build...that's
 awesome work, guys! We're looking at integrating it with the
 tree if possible, so the Linux and Mac people can take a looksie at it, too.

 We're bringing in Steven Fuller ("relnev") to do some UTPG hacking. Beyond
 doing consistently quality work, I expect his mere presence will keep my ass
 in gear to get the Mac and Linux ports done.

Unreal Tournament 2003:
 Mac 2225.2 is out. Hit the mirrors.

 I'm going to do a Linux 2225.2 build, since there's about a million little
 Unix fixes that went into the Mac port that would benefit Linux users...and
 Linux 2225.0 was a crappy build anyhow. After that, I feel pretty good about
 closing the book on ut2003 for good.

Unreal Tournament 2004:
 If Mac retail installer crashes on you, use this:

 If the installer just quits at startup without crashing, eject the disc and
  reinsert it after unmounting the disc image you made or pirated. Other
  people have noted that if your keyboard is set to Japanese input, the
  installer might give up without warning at startup. Don't know why yet, and
  I've only had one report of this. Switching to a US keyboard layout in
  System Preferences, just for the installer, definitely fixes this.

 If you're getting kicked for some invalid playerskins thing, update to
  3186.1 or later.

 Linux/amd64 users should use this until there's an official patch:

 Linux/x86 users should use this until there's an official patch:

Call of Duty:
 1.4 is out, now with PunkBuster support:

Postal 2 Share the Pain:
 Linux demo:
 Linux retail: In beta testing (apply at
 Mac retail: In beta testing (no more applications, please!)

 You know, for the record, 95% of the people that talk about Postal 2 on
 internet forums are full of bunk. I really, really get the feeling that
 most of the bile spewed towards this game are from people that never played
 it. Or seen it. But they probably read a review of it.

 Look, you may find you like or dislike the game, and there's nothing wrong
 with that, but you can't deny the game is really very unique for a first
 person shooter. Every game that shows up today is a rehash of the same thing
 you happily bought before, with, I dunno, a different variation on the
 shotgun. And all the features the game's competition added. Yet we froth at
 the mouth for those titles. Some of them aren't even very good, if we're
 being totally honest, but we froth nonetheless.

 Postal has a very unique slant on all of this: you aren't some warrior,
 you're just, well, a dude. You aren't taking bases and fragging opponents,
 you're returning library books and picking up milk at the store. The fact of
 the matter is that while we aren't personally taking off people's heads with
 a shovel, there is a little bit of the Postal Dude in all of us. We
 all feel that irritation when people butt in front of us in line or have to
 walk past protestors that are preaching something silly. We all want to snap
 on occasion. We don't. But we want to. Postal lets you. The game itself is a
 distorted characature of our lives, just like the Postal Dude is a warped
 reflection of our psyche.

 But what do I know? I'd rather people take this game as a unique tirade
 against our fast-food, fast-paced, sensory-overloaded and impulse-driven
 lives, but most people see the game as childish. Maybe they're right. Once I
 got past the Gary Coleman jokes and started exploring Paradise, though, I
 started to think of it like Swift's "A Modest Proposal" for this century.

 If nothing else, at least play the demo before you trash it, for crying out
 loud. Political leanings aside, first amendment rights and USPS lawsuits
 aside, peepee and caca jokes aside, you might actually find it to be fun.

America's Army:
 2.1.0 is in beta testing on all platforms. No official release date right now.
 The usual suspects have the beta build, or will have it soon.

Other stuff:
 Apparently I'm speaking at LinuxWorld in San Francisco, if you want to come
 and throw underwear or rotten fruit. Or rotten underwear and fruit.


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