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 Interesting note about Apple at ... the latest
 CVS has 5.1 support on OSX. Sweet!

 Apparently jonof and Ken Silverman have an OpenGL renderer for Build...that's
 awesome work, guys! We're looking at integrating it with the
 tree if possible, so the Linux and Mac people can take a looksie at it, too.

 We're bringing in Steven Fuller ("relnev") to do some UTPG hacking. Beyond
 doing consistently quality work, I expect his mere presence will keep my ass
 in gear to get the Mac and Linux ports done.

Unreal Tournament 2003:
 Mac patch 2225.1 is out:

 2225.2 is in testing right now, so we can put this damned thing to bed.

Unreal Tournament 2004:
 Mac version has gone out to the world! Some people have already gotten their

 Apparently we can't have an Unreal release on OSX without a bug in the
  installer. :( If the installer crashes on you, download this:

 Download and unpack (Safari will do this automatically), leaving an installer
  icon on your desktop. Run that instead of the installer on the disc and
  proceed as you would normally. If the installer doesn't crash on you when
  run from the disc, you don't need to download this.

 And apparently having an iSight/usb mic plugged in crashes the game. This
  is like The Ghost of Bugs Past, i swear to god. We even tested that on the
  Gold Master! So help me if OSX 10.3.3 broke this again.

 Linux/amd64 retail people should use this build for now:

 This fixes the following things over retail:
  - Network compatibility is fixed.
  - Using WebAdmin doesn't crash your server.
  - Dynamic lighting works.
  - VoIP crash fixed.
  - Probably other things.

 This is ONLY for 64-bit Linux. If you don't have an Opteron/Athlon64 with
  a 64-bit version of Linux, you can't use this! If you aren't sure: you can't!

 Linux (amd64 or x86) clients are seeing the KIntersect crash. I'm still
 looking into it. The above binary doesn't fix it.

Call of Duty:
 1.3 Patch is out!
  After installing 1.3, you will want to drop this updated build
  into your installation:

  That fixes the weird bug with MP44 bullets shooting off to the right. All
  1.3 admins are encouraged to update to this build.

  Don't use that build with external "iron sight pk3 fixes". Just replace
  the game binaries with the above build and remove the external hacks.

Postal 2:
 Share the Pain demo for Linux now available:

 We are beta testing the retail Linux version right now. Don't email me
  asking to get in on the beta; I don't control it.

 Mac version will be coming, so busy right now...

 Non-expiring version is out:

 This one was built with gcc3, which fixed some other odd bugs, like some
 static meshes being positioned incorrectly. You can see this in the first
 mission ("Lighting the Torch"); the building you storm has a room with a
 medpack floating in space in the original binaries. In this version, there's
 a table under it.

 I wonder if gcc3 would fix the falling-through-the-floor,
 final-boss-won't-die, or platforms-kill-camera-view bugs in Serious Sam, too.
 I'll have to check that someday.
 (UPDATE: No, it doesn't. Oh well.)

America's Army:
 The 2.0.0a patches for GNU/Linux and MacOSX are now available. Details are

Other stuff:
 I'm not sure if I'm pleased or disgusted that Bob Dylan is in a Victoria's
  Secret commercial. A little of both, I think.


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