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 A bunch of stuff is now in CVS:

  - multichannel support. You can now use all 8 speakers you've got
  plugged into your Revolution card.
  - recording support. You can now record from a microphone through OpenAL.
  - float32 support, for developers migrating from CoreAudio.

 None of this is well tested, and the multichannel support is still buggy.
 The hope is to have it fixed in time for ut2004.
 Developers should not ship code depending on these new extensions just
 yet, since we're still finalizing (and debugging!) them.

 Apparently jonof and Ken Silverman have an OpenGL renderer for Build...that's
 awesome work, guys! We're looking at integrating it with the
 tree if possible, so the Linux and Mac people can take a looksie at it, too.

 We're bringing in Steven Fuller ("relnev") to do some UTPG hacking. Beyond
 doing consistently quality work, I expect his mere presence will keep my ass
 in gear to get the Mac and Linux ports done.

Unreal Tournament 2003:
 Mac patch is out:

 New patch coming soon to fix some things that broke in the last patch,

 We're likely going to be putting out a Linux/amd64 dedicated server package
 soon to test the waters...our 64-bit builds have been limited to public
 demos mostly, so I'm hesistent to just dump this out on the public. With
 Unreal, the dedicated server is basically the client without rendering (well,
 that's about 95% true), so this gives us a way to get a real beta test of
 most of the codebase without attracting a million asshole "benchmarkers"
 that'll write articles that come to premature, or downright incorrect
 conclusions. You know who you are.

 When this stabilizes, publically-available Win64 and Linux clients become
 much more sexy to us, but there is no timeframe for this, and emails asking
 for one get deleted.

Unreal Tournament 2004:
 Work continues.

Call of Duty:
 Patch coming soon.

Postal 2:
 Share the Pain demo for Linux now available:

 There is likely going to be a retail boxed Linux version of NOT
 buy the Windows version yet. This should be announced soon if it happens.

 Mac version will be coming, so busy right now...

 Non-expiring version is out:

America's Army:
 The 2.0.0a patches for GNU/Linux and MacOSX are now available. Details are

Other stuff:
 I'm cleaning up MojoPatch and releasing the source to's some
 stank-nasty code that's awkward to use, but hey, a free patching tool for the
 Mac could be of use to some developer somewhere, I'm sure.


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