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 So I'm maintaining my own MacOSX OpenAL implementation now.

 I pounded on my high-level mixing code to make it stop thrashing the CPU
 cache, and now it takes 0.1% of the CPU instead of 0.3% in ut2003...while
 that doesn't sound like much of an improvement in those terms, it is
 three times faster, and when our total AL processing time is hovering
 around 1.5% of the CPU, this is actually a huge optimization of
 the biggest ones I could find at this point.

 I also played around with vec_dst in the mixers, but it didn't seem to
 give a notable speed boost like I hoped...maybe I'm misunderstanding how
 to use it. It's also my understanding that the G5 notices sequential memory
 accesses and automatically starts pulling in cachelines in anticipation
 that you'll be touching them shortly...effectively, this does the same
 thing as vec_dst, but without your explicit intervention, and without
 having to worry about the architectural differences in prefetching
 between the G4 and G5. I think the bottom line is that this is a problem
 that will fix itself over time. I haven't benchmarked my AL
 implementation on a G5 yet; with the dual CPUs, the prefetching
 mechanism and IBM's G5 compiler...maybe I'm already below the mythical
 1.0% CPU time. I'd have to check. I've been doing my work and profiling
 with ut2003 on a Powerbook G4 12" (the model MacSoft says the game
 absolutely isn't playable light of that, it seemed like a good
 target to shoot for).

 I also put new upsampling code (yes, this is iteration number four for
 those keeping track) into idea about Bresenham's line algorithm
 seems to have panned out very's about identical in results to
 the previous iteration, but easily five times faster. I'm going to go
 reread Abrash's articles on optimizing Bresenham to see if I can push
 that farther...there's an obvious win by moving the branch out of the
 resampling loop and splitting it into two seperate loops, since a given
 sample's "run length" alternates between two definite values, you don't
 need to check if it's time to switch in the loop...just iterate for one
 length, then iterate for the other, then start over until the whole
 buffer is resampled. There are better sounding resampling algorithms, but
 I think you'd be hard-pressed to find one that is faster with equally
 acceptable quality (and if you can, send me a patch).

 I also like the idea of adding an alHint() entry point so an app can
 specify "fast" vs "good" resampling. But that's not really important in
 the scope of most games.

 Stuff on the MacOS TODO list:
  1) x86 compatibility for savegames
  2) keeping Mac/PC networking in sync
  3) Coming up with a server browser/matching service.
  4) Add Cmd-Q as a quit key.
  5) Race condition in audiolib causes occasional crash.
  6) Ship it.

 Please stop emailing me to ask if this is done yet.

 We're doing some polishing to get ALAudio working on Windows and other
 details at the moment. Some long-standing bugs that have been delaying a
 release have been squashed recently, so progress is being made.

Unreal Tournament 2003:
 Mac patch is out:

 I'm a Smartey Man Gaem Developar. In fixing the ATI rendering issues on
 Panther, I broke them on Jaguar. :(

Call of Duty:
 The Linux server floating around is prerelease; don't run it.

Postal 2:
 Please stop emailing me to ask if this is done yet.

 The karma source is in my hands now, but the legal paperwork is still
 being done. :(

 Yes, I know the binary expired. A new binary will be along
 shortly. Sorry about that.

 Talked with EA today about Breakthrough, hoping source will be coming my
 way shortly, once all the NDA stuff is cleaned up.

America's Army:
 Linux 1.9 is live:
 ...and the Mac version:

 If you're running on Linux and having trouble with Punkbuster because it
 wants to write to a directory you don't have permission to, please read

 You do NOT have to run the program as root. We'll automate this for the
 next release, but this'll get you running in the short term.

Other stuff:

 I wanna be scattered from here on this catapult.


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