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 Keep that artwork coming! Thanks to the several of you that have already
 sent stuff in; it's all very high quality.

 For those that missed it, I'm looking for two OSX icons (128x128 and all the
 smaller versions that apply) for the game, and one for the installer.
 I also need a splash graphic (393x83 pixels or there abouts) for the
 installer. It also needs to be completely yours; don't send me stuff based
 on artwork you found on or a screenshot, etc.
 Email me your best work!

 Okay, so after much struggling, I made a one-line fix that got the MIDI
 music to play. That leaves the Mac TODO list at:

  1) x86 compatibility for savegames
  2) keeping Mac/PC networking in sync
  3) Coming up with a server browser/matching service.

 #1 is tedious, but doable, #2 is probably something really nasty.
 #3 will either be solved by merging Bargle's code (remember that?), or maybe
 getting Scott Kevill to support it in GameRanger...maybe some Rendezvous
 support? At any rate, there are some options.

 Please stop emailing me to ask if this is done yet.

 Got the AL renderer (and the MikMod glue) rewritten and working...I now get
 sound effects and music on MacOS X.

 Only thing that appears to not be functioning correctly at this point is
 the source volumes...the AL renderer used AL_GAIN_LINEAR_LOKI, which was an
 extension that only existed in Loki's implementation. I just need to see what
 exactly that entails, and do the proper conversions before feeding AL_GAIN...
 it's probably something simple, just haven't checked it, yet.

 If anyone has a legal copy (i.e. - you own the original discs that came out
 of a non-Academic version) of Codewarrior 7 they can donate to me, it would
 help make sure that the OS9 version of UT continues to work online when UTPG
 breaks network compatibility. One of you has a copy collecting dust in the
 closet since you've probably upgraded _TWICE_ since that version, and I could
 really use it, here. Please drop me a line if you can help. I'm seriously
 not cherishing the idea of backporting the thing to CodeWarrior 6, since
 that's all I've got here. Ask your IT department if there's a copy in storage
 they can let go of. Someone's got to have a copy they don't need at
 this point.

 Please stop emailing me to ask if this is done yet.

 Server is out. Details here.
 Beta 1 of the Linux client is avaiable. Get it.

Unreal Tournament 2003:
 Mac version is in stores now! Go order from somewhere.
 I assume there are physical stores that sell Mac games that will/do have it,

 MacOS X French Release Candidate 2 is awaiting MacSoft approval.

  Then please download this (2.1 megabytes):

 You should end up with a disk image with an installer icon. Run it, and
  install as usual. When the installation is done, throw away the disk image
  and pretend nothing ever went wrong. This is an installer bug; the game
  itself runs as usual.

A patch for the Mac version is being worked on. Timeframe is not solid yet.

Postal 2:
 Please stop emailing me to ask if this is done yet.

 Skeletal meshes are rendering, most textures are STILL missing, and I get
 a crash in Karma as soon as someone if you don't kill anyone,
 the game won't crash. This is taking the "it's only as violent as you are"
 mantra to a whole new level.

 Busy begging and pleading for Karma sources so I can fix this. :(

 Please stop emailing me to ask if this is done yet.

 If there is time this week, I'm going to try and finish this. I'm sick of
 answering emails from people that want to know if it's done. If you
 preordered this from TuxGames, I'm sorry, the delays are 100% my fault, and
 I told Michael Simms that this would be ready WAY sooner than it was.

America's Army:
 Please stop emailing me to ask if this is done yet.

 The 1.9 Windows client was leaked. This is bad for several reasons, not the
 least of which is that the Linux and Mac versions are not ready yet.

Other stuff:
 This space intentionally left blank.


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