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 (I _STILL_ need to merge Bargle's code...argh.)

 MacOS X port is coming along. One or two nasty rendering glitches, and some
 byteswapping issues (networking, savegames...that's all?) to go, still.

 Managed to get the game to limp along on MacOS X before crashing. Some
 rendering glitches aside, I could watch the whole intro and tell what was
 happening. No sound yet. So much more to do on this yet. It'll be awhile.

 Server is out. Details here.
 Beta 1 of the Linux client is avaiable. Get it.

Serious Sam:
 The First Encounter: Beta three is out.
 The Second Encounter is now available, too!
 Details are here.
 Time to work on ssam is non-existant, and there will probably not be another
 build for Linux for the foreseeable future, if ever.

Unreal Tournament 2003:
 Mac version is in stores now! Go order from somewhere.
 I assume there are physical stores that sell Mac games that will/do have it,

 MacOS X French Release Candidate 1 is uploading to MacSoft as I type this.

  Then please download this (2.1 megabytes):

 You should end up with a disk image with an installer icon. Run it, and
  install as usual. When the installation is done, throw away the disk image
  and pretend nothing ever went wrong. This is an installer bug; the game
  itself runs as usual.

 The retail disc installer apparently calls CFRelease() on an invalid pointer
  (whoops), which has caused a most unsatisfying crash for a small percentage
  of people. We never saw this one, but those that trigger it seem to do so
  reliably. The French CDs have this fix already, so this is just for the
  English retail version that shipped on June 11th if you crash for no
  apparent reason after entering your CD key.

 (This is not really tested, since we couldn't reproduce the crash, though.
  reports of success are welcome.)

 I sat down and got medieval on the OpenAL code. Now it's largely working, but
 not quite enough to justify a beta. Soon, though. I still want to look at the
 dedicated server CPU usage some more, too.

America's Army:
 Sent beta2 for the Mac (with all the ut2003 Gold Master fixes) to some
 testers. Progress is being made.

Other stuff:
 I'm at Epic's offices this week, merging all the millions of ports back into
 their Perforce repository, so I don't have to fight with, uh, five codeforks
 anymore. Next week I'll be at WWDC for the first two days. Anyone attending
 should feel free to buy me dinner. :)


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