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 Still need to get Bargle's console and such into the CVS, but
 everyone is stretched too thin to do so at the moment. We'll get it there
 soon. Not counting the Mac port, we're really just about done with everything
 we wanted to do with Duke3D.

 Server is out. Details here.
 Beta 1 of the Linux client is avaiable. Get it.

Serious Sam:
 The First Encounter: Beta three is out.
 The Second Encounter is now available, too!
 Details are here.
 Time to work on ssam is non-existant, and there will probably not be another
 build for Linux for the foreseeable future, if ever.

Unreal Tournament 2003:
 Just added Full Screen Anti-Aliasing (FSAA) support to the OpenGL renderer
 for the Mac players to use. Looks sweet, didn't really hurt the framerate
 on a GeForce4 for the brief testing I gave it, either.

 It won't be available via the UI, but you can enable it in the .ini files and
 tweak it from the console. This is deliberate; not only can the UI not change
 at this point without breaking network compatibility with Linux and Windows
 (it's defined in the data files), but I really don't want people screwing
 with it unless they know what they're doing. The details, for those that want

  In your .ini file, in the "[OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice]" section:

  ; Number of buffers for multisampling. 0 to disable FSAA. OSX (and the
  ; GL_ARB_multisample extension) only support 1 buffer, currently.

  ; Number of samples per pixel fragment. 0 to disable FSAA. "2" or "4" are
  ; probably good choices.

  ; This only applies to GeForce 3 and GeForce 4 cards, apparently. Changes
  ; the anti-aliasing algorithm that is used. 1 is "fastest smoothing",
  ; 2 is "nicest smoothing", 0 is "don't care" (which is the same as "2"
  ; by default, but if there was a control panel or environment variable,
  ; it might be able to override the "don't care" setting).

  And that's it. If you set up MultisampleBuffers and MultisampleSamples,
  you can tweak in-game from the console:

  Turn FSAA completely off:
  "fsaa disable"

  Turn FSAA back on (it must have been enabled at startup via the .ini!):
  "fsaa enable"

  Tweak multisampling hint:
  "fsaahint fastest"
  "fsaahint nicest"
  "fsaahint dont_care"

 FSAA is done with the OpenGL extension "GL_ARB_multisample" and the
 MultisampleHint thing uses "GL_NV_multisample_filter_hint". The Hint only
 works on GF3 or better cards (no ATI support, sorry), but basic FSAA works
 on damned near anything (the list from Apple is: "Radeon, Radeon Mobility,
 Radeon 7500 Mobility, Radeon 8500, Radeon 9000 Pro, GeForce 3, GeForce 4Ti").
 You really don't need MultisampleHint unless you're a real tweaker...FSAA
 still looks more or less like you'd expect it to on any video card...hinting
 allows for more smoothing, but honestly, I think it makes it too blurry with
 the "nicest" hint, and kinda dig the "fastest" mode. I didn't see a big
 different in framerate on a GF4 between no FSAA at all and "nicest" mode, but
 Your Mileage May's very likely that older cards might be doing this
 in software, and thus will have a serious framerate hit.

 Adding FSAA took patches to SDL, so I'll be submitting them back for
 inclusion in the SDL CVS repository. Presumably this will work on Linux and
 Windows, too, but those poor bastards will have to wait for ut2004. Don't say
 I never do anything for you guys. :)

 Wacom sent me a Graphire 2 tablet so I could look at the ut2003 bug, and I
 have a good idea of what is wrong.

 Gregory S. Read has been working on a multi-disc installer for the retail
 version based on a Mac-ified version of Loki Setup.
 Saw his first attempt at this tonight, it's starting to look good. Plus it's
 GPL'd, so the source is available for people that don't want to pay a
 bazillion dollars for a commercial installer. I am pleased.

 Generally, bugfixing continues as we speed towards a gold master.

 Some other stuff I've been asked recently:
  - UMOD installation: UT2003/osx _will_ have a umod unpacker, but it's
  a command line hack that I wrote for the Linux users. I expect some sort
  of GUI frontend that spawns the command line version and parses its
  output will show up sooner or later (if you are interested and can code
  something that doesn't suck very quickly, email me and maybe we can even
  get it on the retail disc with your name in the manual and stuff).
  - (This is true on Linux, probably on the Mac, too) Some resolutions run at
  a much higher framerate because the drivers will use page flipping to get
  the frame to the screen, whereas other resolutions force the drivers to
  do a memcpy() which case, a 1920x1200 resolution in 32-bit color will
  have to move 9216000 bytes (about 8.78 megabytes) EVERY FRAME, which is
  crazy expensive. Again, this might not be the case on the Mac, just a
  - Sound hurts framerate. The version of OpenAL we're using outputs sound
  through the SoundManager API, which apparently is mad slow on OSX. We're
  looking at what it would take to coerce OpenAL to use CoreAudio instead.
  This will probably be addressed in a later patch. If you can get by with
  no sound at all (yeah, yeah), you can turn it off in the .ini file for a
  bigger framerate boost than even a CoreAudio version would give you.
  - Bots probably kill about 2fps per bot, so playing with 10 of them on a
  map is gonna put a dent in your game. AI is very VERY expensive. This is
  true on the PC versions, too.
  - The PC bonus packs also work on the Mac (as should all other unofficial
  maps and mutators), but rather than have you hunt the 'net for them and
  install them manually, we're shipping both the Epic and Digital Extremes
  bonus packs on the retail discs, so all you'll have to do is make sure
  they are selected in the installer. That's a good 200 megs worth of
  downloading that PC players have to do and you get to skip. See? I can
  easily justify all those months of waiting!

 There will be another Linux dedicated server patch (that's compatible with
 Spearhead 2.15), but...I'm fucking swamped. I'll let you know when it's here.

America's Army:
 We showed ArmyOps on the demonstrate that it was network
 compatible with the Windows and Linux players, we showed off 1.7.0 (the
 latest public version). I'll be updating it to match all the cool nextgen
 stuff that the rest of the systems were showing, and then we'll stay in
 sync for each public patch.

 Gentoo's got a LiveCD version of the game (like they did with the Linux
 version of UT2003), and this is currently the only way to play it on
 Linux...we'll be releasing a public Linux cient shortly, but I'm
 considering this a "Gentoo Games exclusive" for a few days, so if you
 want it, go get a BitTorrent for it.

Other stuff:
 If you think you've got any control over your own destiny, trying to catch
 a flight out of LAX will change your mind. The damned security line was like
 three million miles long, so I managed to miss my flight, even after showing
 up way ahead of time. So US Airways puts me on standby on a United flight. I
 haul ass across the terminal and, with not much time left, get to the ticket
 counter where one person is in front of me. This person has several kids, an
 elderly man in a wheelchair, lots of oversized baggage, a dog, and five
 plane tickets with the wrong name on them...and it took United a good thirty
 minutes to figure out what to do with this group. Not sure if they made the
 flight, but I sure as hell didn't.

 Back to USAir. Tell the dude at the counter that I was afraid he'd miss me,
 so I came back to say hi. He puts me on standby for a 10:00p.m. flight (it's
 a little after 1p.m. now), so I get a cab back to E3 for the last day of the
 show, and then hang out with the Epic crew at their hotel's bar, telling
 jokes about Vogel's mom and such.

 Cab back to the airport. No security lines when I show up. The small Chinese
 man behind the counter tells me the plane is full, and WAY overbooked to
 boot. I am apparently not the only guy that had problems earlier today. As
 the plane takes off, none of us standby losers got a seat, so the small
 Chinese man tells us to go to a different gate, where a flight to Pittsburg
 leaves in 30 minutes or so.

 About 30 minutes later, the same small Chinese man is telling us this flight
 is full, too, try a different gate where a flight is leaving for Charlotte.

 This happens several more times. At midnight, he declares that they're done
 flying for the night, and he'll see us in the morning. By the way, you're
 welcome to stay until security kicks you out. Thanks, Golly Gee.

 After sleeping on the floor of the airport for the night, I eventually
 managed to score a flight to Charlotte, and while that was a good 600 miles
 south of where I was supposed to be about a day ago, I felt like I won the
 lottery and got on the plane. Caught a flight to Philly from there around
 4:00 that evening, and found the trains don't run from the airport on
 weekends anymore. Took a bus to Market Street East, and caught a train home
 from there.

 Total trip time was about 30 hours. I have driven across the country in
 almost that amount of time before (39 hours being my current record).

 The moral is that you don't control your fate. A small Chinese man that
 follows you from counter to counter at LAX does, so you better hope you
 didn't kill any of his ancestors in a past life.


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