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 Still need to get Bargle's console and such into the CVS, but
 everyone is stretched too thin to do so at the moment. We'll get it there
 soon. Not counting the Mac port, we're really just about done with everything
 we wanted to do with Duke3D.

 Server is out. Details here.
 Beta 1 of the Linux client is avaiable. Get it.

Serious Sam:
 The First Encounter: Beta three is out.
 The Second Encounter is now available, too!
 Details are here.
 Time to work on ssam is non-existant, and there will probably not be another
 build for Linux for the foreseeable future, if ever.

Unreal Tournament 2003:
 2225 patch is out.
 Digital Extremes Bonus Pack is out.
 Epic Bonus Pack is out.
 New demo is out, for those that want to try it with all the bug fixes but
 haven't put down their money yet.

 I think we have a solid Mac demo's passing through the channels to
 go public. Have patience, grasshopper.

 By the way, the latest CVS of OpenAL works correctly with the commercial
 Open Sound System drivers from 4Front, so if you've been having trouble
 with UT2003 on their drivers, either build the latest CVS and replace the in the game's system directory or download the prebuilt one
 on the front page of
 (America's Army and future Unreal titles will use the fixed version, so
 you should only need to patch existing games, like UT1, and maybe Rune
 and such.)

 There will be another Linux dedicated server patch (that's compatible with
 Spearhead 2.15), but...I'm fucking swamped. I'll let you know when it's here.

America's Army:
 (Please, no more beta testing applications. Thanks!)
 Just handed out a 1.7.0 compatible beta to the testers. Hoping there's
 some good audio fixes from the new I packaged up.

Other stuff:
 Don't you never say an unkind word about the Time! Me and Silent Bob
 modeled our whole fuckin' lives around Morris Day and Jerome. I'm a
 smooth pimp who loves the pussy, and Tubby here's my black man servant!


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