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 Networking, decent audio, and win32 is all in CVS and running well.
 Dan Olson and Steven Fuller got midieval on the assembly code, and we have
 most of it rewritten as portable C...there is a framerate hit for this, and
 a few things aren't working right, but this was a Herculean effort that they
 accomplished really damned quickly, all things being equal.

 Thanks to their effort on the ASM (and on the rest of duke3d/buildengine)
 I've got 2D mode of the editor working on MacOS X, but there's some more
 byte ordering nonsense crashing 3D mode. Got to finish this sooner or later.
 In terms of being faithful to the original in our modernization, joystick
 support is the only thing that's really missing at this point, and I've got a
 start on that. Networking needs a little work still, but small hops over the
 Internet for two or three people (or playing on a LAN) works really well.

 I've been getting a LOT of good patches and discussion from "Bargle" (who
 maintains a win32 port based on the codebase) and Dave Watson
 (who has been making improvements to my crappy UDP code). Much thanks to
 everyone that is enjoying the port on whatever platform...your feedback and
 patches are really appreciated!

 Server is out. Details here.
 Client coming as soon as I fix the save game crashbug.

Serious Sam:
 The First Encounter: Beta three is out.
 The Second Encounter is now available, too!
 Details are here.

Unreal Tournament 2003:
 2199 patch is out.
 Digital Extremes Bonus Pack is out.
 Epic Bonus Pack is out.
 New demo is out, for those that want to try it with all the bug fixes but
 haven't put down their money yet.

 After sending a Release Candidate for the Mac port, a million issues suddenly
 popped up that we are working through. This will be going public soon (no,

 The redirect bug on Linux clients should be fixed in the next official patch
 coming out in a few days. The world rejoices.

 My initial OpenAL attempt isn't as bad as I thought. It still has a ways to
 go, but I was amazed when walking around that it does what it does at this

 There is a 2.15-compatible Spearhead server now, btw. Look here.

America's Army:
 Fixed the skeletal mesh thing (mismerge from UT2003's OpenGLDrv...I hate
 mismerge bugs). Game is running solid on Linux now, but the framerate is
 a little lower than I'd like on outdoor scenes...gotta look into this.
 When the Army gives me the go-ahead, we'll go beta with the Linux client.
 Depending on their requirements, this might be a closed beta, in which case
 I'll take applications. Emailing me to request beta access is a great way to
 ensure you won't get it, so please don't at this time.

Other stuff:
 And of small children.

  ...which you can't see...
  ...without a graphical browser.


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