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 Networking is running, not in CVS yet.
 Win32 work in is CVS...damned thing requires "char" to be unsigned by
 default, as I discovered painfully today. I couldn't find a way to force
 this in Visual C 6.0, so we're Visual Studio.NET only.
 Win32 still needs work...debug build let me run around, release build
 segfaults on startup in the ASM code. :(

 That's right, I said it.

Serious Sam:
 The First Encounter: Beta three is out.
 The Second Encounter is now available, too!
 Details are here.

Unreal Tournament 2003:
 2199 patch is out.
 Digital Extremes Bonus Pack is out.
 Epic Bonus Pack is out.
 New demo is out, for those that want to try it with all the bug fixes but
 haven't put down their money yet.

 OSX port is more or less done now...waiting on 10.2.5 and some other minor

 My initial OpenAL attempt isn't as bad as I thought. It still has a ways to
 go, but I was amazed when walking around that it does what it does at this

 There is a 2.15-compatible Spearhead server now, btw. Look here.

America's Army:
 For some reason, skeletal meshes keep changing each frame, so OpenGLDrv
 needs to keep recaching them, which means the VAR space overflows real
 darn quick. Still have no idea. :(

Other stuff:
 Sleep? What's that?


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