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Battlefield 1942:
 1.31 came out while I was at GDC (grumble!), and my VPN login was shut down
 when I got back (GRUMBLE!). Now I have access again, will get this out ASAP.

Serious Sam:
 The First Encounter: Beta three is out.
 The Second Encounter is now available, too!
 Details are here.

Unreal Tournament 2003:
 2199 patch is out.
 Digital Extremes Bonus Pack is out.
 Epic Bonus Pack is out.
 New demo is out, for those that want to try it with all the bug fixes but
 haven't put down their money yet.

 Thomas Fortier, an ATI engineer, added a new GL extension for their lower
 end Macintosh cards which give them a HUGE framerate boost on the OSX version
 of ut2003. The newer cards (9700, maybe the 9000?) don't need the extension.
 Gotta clean this up on my end, put my thumb in my ass until 10.2.5 ships with
 the extension, and probably put the demo out there after that.

 My initial OpenAL attempt isn't as bad as I thought. It still has a ways to
 go, but I was amazed when walking around that it does what it does at this

 Spearhead 2.15 is out for Windows. This is the second time this month EA has
 released a game I'm working on without even dropping me an email. Supposedly
 a CD of the latest-and-greatest is coming via FedEx, so I can get the Linux
 servers up and running with a quickness.

America's Army:
 For the record, don't ever do this:

  myFunction(var1, var2, alloca(numBytesForABuffer), var3);

 It confuses the ever-lovin' shit out of GCC. Miraculously, this seems to
 work on Visual Studio.NET (at least, I assume someone would have noticed
 if it didn't).

 I've got a crash in the OpenGL renderer with the post-ut2003 codemerge, and a
 ways to go on the client otherwise, but progress is definitely being made.

Other stuff:
 GDC was a blast. Got some more work out of it, gave a presentation with AMD
 and Valve Software about 64-bit programming, and spent Saturday night hanging
 out with Stevie Case. Made an ass of myself in front of Paul Steed, and tried
 to keep my fool mouth shut when Graeme Devine was hanging out in Epic's
 exposuite. It was a ton of fun, and VERY productive. I tried my hardest to
 not be a fanboy, but it's HARD at that show.

 Apple's new 12" Powerbook is (to quote Steve Jobs) insanely great. It's
 really very possibly the best laptop I've ever used. It's heavier than you'd
 expect by looking at it, but it's pretty damned feature-packed for its size.


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