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Battlefield 1942:
 First (BUGGY!) attempt at a 1.3-compatible server is here:
 Please get the latest file in there to go with the initial install, since
 that will have fixes.

Serious Sam:
 There's one new nasty bug in the the Serious Engine that the Second
 Encounter exposes...the Engine can let you do cool things like circular rooms
 that rotate, so you can run up the walls and ceilings...makes for some really
 cool segments in the single player game (and multiplayer deathmatch, to be
 honest), but the damned thing flips the camera out when the room is rotating.
 I don't know why. Most of the game appears playable despite this (you can
 put it in flying mode and limp through the rooms that expose this), and all
 the bugs in the First Encounter are still there, too. That being said, I
 might stick this out there as a alpha before I leave for GDC and just ignore
 the obvious bug reports.

 On another note, the Intel C++ compiler, 7.0.something, builds Serious Sam,
 as did version 6.0, but generates wrong code or something. If I build it
 with the Visual C++ inline asm, it's totally hosed (!), but with the GNU
 version it makes it further (and still pukes). It's ashame, I was hoping it
 would shed some light on the fall-through-the-floor-bug and the rotating room

Unreal Tournament 2003:
 2199 patch is out.
 New demo is out, for those that want to try it with all the bug fixes but
 haven't put down their money yet.
 MacOS X version is in beta internally at MacSoft and Apple. Just smashed a
 GL bug, so we're getting close now. If you'll be at GDC, we'll be showing it
 off in Epic's exposuite (ES316).

 Got some basic sounds in the MOHAA client. Still need to hook up looping
 sounds and music, but that I can sorta here gunshots means that most of the
 support structure is in place.

 Gavriel State of Transgaming found a bug in the win32 binaries that also
 affected the Linux client (miscasting of a pointer in the terrain renderer).

 That's the client. As for the Spearhead server:

  Beta2 is here:

 I'm waiting on latest codedrop from EA. Once that's merged, I'll clean up
 some last minute bugs and release a stable Spearhead server.

America's Army:
 Working out of the Army's Perforce now...just getting my changes merged into
 there so I can start picking bugs out of it.

Other stuff:
 I played the Marble Blast demo for about five minutes before handing
 Garage Games my credit card number. You can't beat the quality of that
 game for the price.


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