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This is part of the new, improved IcculusFinger. Yay.

  --The McManagement.

Currently Active Projects:
 (This is in no particular order)

  - The open source incubator.
  - PhysicsFS.
  - Serious Sam.
  - IcculusFinger.
  - UT2003.
  - Battlefield 1942.
  - Other stuff. I've lost track.

 I have projects on (some are even mine) that are already
  abandoned. I will have to figure out what to do with them. If you want to
  peek around, look at The CVS Tree.

General stuff:

 First, SDL_sound 1.0.0 was released today. Go get it.

 Second, I am working on Battlefield 1942. Dedicated server only. If
 you email me questions about it (especially "when will it be ready?") I will
 delete them without response.

 Third, I'm working on the MacOS X port of Unreal Tournament 2003. Same deal.

 (Actually, I'm working on a LOT of stuff. Stay tuned.)

 Now, the non-technical blabbering:

 I've been a huge fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers for years. I am, on the
 other hand, afraid of new things, so every time they release a new album,
 I run to the store, get the CD, listen to it all the way through, and
 immediately declare that it sucks. After a few more listens I tend to warm
 up to it (yeah, even One Hot Minute).

 "By the Way" is no exception. I totally dig this album. I'm wearing out the
 disc listening to it on repeat. It's a bit more poppy than their usual "catchy" is a better word, since "poppy" suggests
 mainstream shit. Still, you know how you listen to an album and there's one
 track that is totally "the one you'll hear on the radio"? That's the whole
 friggin' album this time. But it's good.

 Best tracks: "Can't stop", "Dosed", "This is the Place"
 Worst: "I Could Die for You" (but it's still okay).

 The new Counting Crows album falls on the other side of the "poppy" vs.
 "catchy" equasion...the whole disc is considerably less...uh, what's the
 word? Deep? I don't know. I like it in the same way I might like the
 selection on a Top 40 station.

 That, and I've always thought of Counting Crows as this symbol of youth,
 desire, frustration...a grudge match between enthusiasm and nihilism.
 I saw them on Jay Leno performing "American Girls", and the lead singer is
 getting fat and bald. For some reason, the message of the older albums seems
 to be lost when mortality becomes a reality. That's way more terrifying to me
 than it probably should be.

 currently reading: "Carbon Programming" nonsense OS X API info.
 Good price for 1600 pages, too. If anyone breaks into my house, I could
 beat them to death with this book for sheer bulk. I consider this an
 investment in my future for several reasons. :)

 also reading: "Can Man Live Without God?". A friend of mine had this
 shipped to me, so it's probably important. I don't agree with everything Ravi
 says, but he does make some excellent points. I'll even let it slide
 that Chuck Colson wrote the intro.

 also reading: 18 million other things.

Serious Sam:

 Yes, I'm porting it. No, there's no timeframe right now. Email me with
 questions, and I'll start a FAQ or something.

Current Status:
 I am waiting for permission to go beta with this, and have been for awhile.
  Stay tuned. I have less than no time to work on Serious Sam. The policy has
  always been that paid work takes priority, and there's been a LOT of paid
  work recently. The next few months might be very interesting for non-win32
  gamers. Serious Sam will make it to the Linux public in some form or
  another, but it might be in the "here's a tarball of binaries, good luck"

 If you are a Serious Engine licensee, and want to see the client or dedicated
  server better supported on Linux, we can make a deal, but right now it's
  needs more attention to be really polished.

 I'll update here when the current Linux version, warts and all, is available.


  (FAQ snipped. Check the archives.)

My never ending TODO list:

Somewhat immediate TODOs:
 - Get Emmett to buy me lunch.
 - Clean up the damned logfiles.
 - Fix the webmail interface.
 - Reenable error output from PHP.
 - Use Warp Update Kit.
 - Call the Apple optimization techie.
 - Get a copy of BeOS 5 Professional (anyone have one?)
 - Visit Martnet.
 - Get some Health Insurance.
 - Do laundry.
 - put this memory on eBay.
 - Send Anne receipts.
 - autoconf scripts for quake2.
 - put LONELY in cvs.
 - Upgrade i.o hardware.
 - Move to 2.4 kernel on i.o.
 - Goddamn I'm friggin' BUSY. :(

Ongoing TODOs:
 - Port Serious Sam. ( 99%)
 - Port bf1942 ( xx%)
 - Port ut2003 to MacOS X ( xx%)
 - Release PhysicsFS v1.0. ( 98%)
 - SDL_mixer rewrite, using non-existant SDL_sound library. ( 0%)
 - Toby rewrite #4. Way overdue. ( 20%)
 - Documentation for Toby. YEARS overdue. ( 0%)
 - Major SMPEG updates. ( 1%)
 - Read A Beautiful Mind. ( 2%)
 - Read On the Road. ( 15%)

Backburnered, but reasonable TODOs: (in no specific order):
 - Rewrite web interface to mailing list archives.
 - Hook up CVS to IcculusNews.
 - Hook up mailing list software to IcculusNews.
 - Hook up Bugzilla to IcculusNews.
 - Rewrite Toby's parser.
 - Finish writing Punk Ass Comedy.
 - Finish writing The Street.
 - Finish reading The Dragon Book.
 - Increase memory/swapspace.
 - Remove
 - Move out.
 - Clean up home dir.
 - Set up meldrew.
 - Get nerf updated for SSL support.
 - Put all the header/footer functions for in one PHP file.

Blue sky:
 - Get Dreamcast Linux working.
 - SDL OS/2.
 - SDL LightPen/tablet support.
 - SDL MsgBox API.
 - SDL_rwops library.
 - Make BUILD Engine support OpenGL.
 - Fix the Linux Realtek drivers.
 - Write scratchware.
 - Physics engine.
 - BuildGL.
 - BuildX.
 - Get BUILD engine ready for Matt Saettler.
 - Get Duke3D/COMMIT net API implemented for modern platforms.
 - Get Duke3D sound API implemented for modern platforms.
 - Beat Zork III. I will someday, I swear.

--ryan. (

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