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Irritatingly, MySQL 8 reserves (but does not use) the keyword "groups," so if you happened to have something like this:

SELECT name FROM groups where user=5;

Then as soon as you upgraded to MySQL 8, your query would be a syntax error.

This will work, though:

SELECT name FROM `groups` where user=5;

Naturally, Bugzilla has a table named "groups", so this broke.

Ubuntu started shipping MySQL 8 in 2019, and there was never a Bugzilla 5.0.7 release to fix this (the unreleased 5.2 branch supposedly has this fixed, but I'm not sure).

If you, like me, just updated your old Ubuntu server and found--surprise!--that the stable Bugzilla release no longer works, here's a patch to 5.0.6 to fix it.

I can't say this is correct, complete, or sane, but it got the bug tracker up and running again here.


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