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<Next day, 4pm having sobered up and popped enough pills to make the
hurting stop>

Well, that went mind-bogglingly badly. To be fair, I did sit there for
the full 3 hours, but I'm not sure I actually did anything that Bill's
gonna deem worth his time marking.

What this means, too, is that I may be able to finally get some work
done for Big Daddy MikeyP, as I now have about 2 1/2 weeks with nothing
to actually do, except drink. [I think someone's arranging a LAN party...]

We're imagining something along the liones of "The birth of Binky",
here. If you don't know what that is, consider yourself lucky.


In approximately half an hour, my last exam begins. It's a 3 hour exam
on Cryptography & Communication Theory.

I anticipate being in the pub in approximately an hour and a quater/an
hour and a half. If anyone's looking for me, I'll be in the bottom of
a bottle of gin.

I'm the one in the grey-blue shirt toting an O'Reilly shirt and looking
as gormless as I can. My machine is the one playing UnrealI on the data
projector [mmmmmmm], and yes, the penguin is mine.

In other news, I also have an exam in an hour or so...


Well, here's the deal.
I failed one exam last Monday [Real-Time Systems], although I think I
did pretty well on the bits that someone wants to pay me for; just I
did crap on the ada bit.

Since I knew that was gonna happen, it didn't end up being as much of
a crisis as it probably should have been, but what the hell.

On Monday, I have Networks & Distributed Systems. Well, either I'm
going to:
a) do really well, since I spent all last year doing that kind of
thing, or
b) do miserably badly, because he's gonna expect me to remember what a
TCP packet looks like, and what the 7-or-5 network layers are.

Then, on Tuesday, I have Cryptography and Communication Theory. Which
is so mind-bogglingly bastard hard, I'm unlikely to even scrape a pass.

In the meantime, I'm successfully avoiding doing any revision by finding
things like:

This appears to be pretty much the opinion you buggers have of me.

Tomorrow is our LUG's install day. My machine is going to be demoing
"this is how cool linux can look if you really try", and "this is why
gaming under Linux is so cool". Apparently, some guy's bringing a
projector along, so I'll be able to see all my games in big.

There's a queue of people who want to see Descent3 going, for a
start. Bugger. Should probably sort out my joystick then.

And just in case I haven't said it before,, specifically
msimms [& tina; I haven't forgotten about you, sweetheart, I promise] is


Remember, kids; it's not big, and it's not clever:


Just for the benefit of Icculus, here's my current list of novels I'm
part-way-though-and-still-reading, in order of
how-quickly-I'm-reading-them. I'm hoping that there's at least one or
two that you haven't read.

Note that 3 of them were given to me by ex-girlfriends, two of which
were from the Smithie. See if you can work out which two [it shouldn't
be too hard]:

Winnie the Pooh - A A Milne
The Collected Stories - A C Clarke
Feersum Endjinn - Iain M Banks
Delta of Venus - Anais Nin
The FountainHead - Ayn Rand
The Zen of Juggling - Dave Finnigan


Everyone in my LUG, pretty much, uses Debian. Here's a rant I've just
posted to the mailing list:

It's because of the debian users that I don't use debian.

I don't mean that in a bad way at all; I think debian users are great. But
you guys *keep pimping the wrong thing*

A while ago, when I decided to dump RedHat [when 7.0 came out], I started
looking for a new distribution. After trying several, the options were
pretty clear; Debian, Slack, or LFS [given my requirements at the time].

Slack seemed the nice, clean choice [and everyone I know online uses
it], and debian... well, the debian people kept telling me how great
debian is "because it's free /a la/ free, as well as free /a la/

I don't care.

I don't use linux because I believe all software should be free. I
use linux because I think it's cool, and it does what I want.

I clearly don't seriously care about free-as-in-free given I posess
most of the commercial games out there, I have a graphics card for which
there will probably never be free-as-in-free drivers, and I use opera.

If you guys had merely pimped the package management system, and the
security stuff [until the last LUG meeting, I didn't even know that
debian had a security update thing at all], I would most probably be
using it by now.

You also did't tell me about dist-upgrade, which would [for me] probably
have been the single, big, selling point. [this is before I really cared
about security]

Noticing also, as Ewan said, that if you install a redhat box but
leave out Netscape 4, or if you install Slack the same, or any number
of other distributions, then your box is essentially
debian-free-as-in-free. Which a lot of you guys seem to miss.

I /now/ know all of the "this is why you should use debian stuff", and
if anyone had told me about it ages ago, I'd be using it.

Most noticably, Roger, the other week while we were wandering
someplace, you were telling me how great debian is because of the
free thing. You're a package maintainer. You, as much as anyone,
should be telling us how great /that/ is.

At this point, you're probably saying "but some people really do care
about free-as-in-debian-free". That's fine.

All of those people already use debian, because it's the only one that
claims to be free-as-in-free. I'm sure there are some new people
coming along periodically who really do care, but I can't imagine it
being half as often as RMS and friends would like it to be.

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