Remember, Kids. It's not big, and it's not clever


AAOPTS="-width 150 -height 70"
cd /usr/local/games/ut
exec ./ut $*

These shots look about right when you do an "xgamma -gamma 4" or so

ScreenShot ScreenShot ScreenShot ScreenShot ScreenShot
The technical details of what makes this tick
Some more aalib ramblings

Is UT just a little too high-end for your look-I'm-using-my-15-year-old-P100-as-a-Linux-box machine?

If so, you may be interested in either the original TTYQuake, or you can do the exact same as above with many many SDL-based games, or, if you're determined to be obscure, AAQuake2 utilises a dedicated AALib renderer as opposed to merely utilising SDL, as I did.

Gary (-;

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