Configuring VOIP support with ALSA under UT2004 Linux. (2004-03-18)

Your ~/.openalrc

Hopefully needless to say, you will need a valid ~/.openalrc file.

It will need the following:

You may need to tweak the in and out device lines some for your specific setup, on my Live! Value with a surround setup I use (define alsa-out-device "surround40:0,0") and (define alsa-in-device "hw:0,0").

Finishing Off

Now that we have that out of the way, we are down to the minor stuff:

Final Words

That's it, if you have any problems email me, user warp, host

I am also currently available for contract work, see my resume for a list of qualifications.

NOTE: If you are having problems, I strongly suggest adding --enable-debug-maximus to the configure line, recompiling, and including the full output of running ut2004 and the contents of ~/.ut2004demo/System/UT2004.log in the bug report.

Copyright and credits

This page Copyright (C) 2004 Zephaniah E. Hull and Dave Wickham.

Thanks to Dave Wickham for the xhtml formatting.

The forward port patch seems to be Copyright (C) 2004 Ryan C. Gordon and (minimally) Zephaniah E. Hull.