Zephaniah E. Hull
6858 Lockridge Drive
Atlanta, GA 30360-1515
Home: 770-393-0314
Email: warp@babylon.d2dc.net
Recent programming experience:
Loki Software, Inc. June 2001 to End of January 2002
  • Completed the port and debugging of Rune from Windows to Linux.
  • Completed the port and debugging of Fakk2 from Windows to Linux.
  • Extensive work on port of DeusEx from Windows to Linux.
  • Extensive work on updating the Unreal port to current versions.
  • Maintenance of the Fakk2 port.
Twilight Project September 2001 to Present
  • Project lead and main programmer.
  • Architecture Specialist.
  • OpenGL Renderer expert.
Debian GNU November 1998 to Present
  • Maintainer of tleds, gpm, vlock.
    Responsibilities including:
    • Packaging of programs.
    • Make sure packages conform to strict Debian policy.
    • Keeping packages up to date.
    • Handling bug reports.
    • Working with upstream authors and/or maintainers as needed.
  • Assisted in the planning of major distribution subsystem upgrade path.
QuakeForge December 1999 to October 2001
  • Architecture Specialist, Core Developer.
Previous work not listed for the sake of brevity, can be discussed on request.
References available on request.

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