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This is the moment we have been training for all yesterday afternoon.

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Welcome to NeoCool's Realm, the WWW's no.1 site for cats drinking coffee from plutonium driven coffee machines and other useful things for your life in the 21st century.

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Old news.

20040302: Well, the last spell check turned out to be not that great, so I'm now passing all the pages through aspell, which is now to blame for every single error on this site :).

20040310: Snapshots of kkrrs and cdoc are available, tested some of the patches against newer versions and cleaned up ~/tmp. I also added a link- and spellcheck to the regular workflow script which updates the site.


Boycott the music industry!
As the German interest group of the music industry Ifpi started to sue people for exhibiting their fair use rights, I decided to join the CCC's boycott. No Ifpi music will be bought or heard by me until the music industry stops harrassing their clients and I advise you to do the same and not give up your rights just because a minor fraction of the economy isn't able to sell their products.
Industry kills music.

I think George W. Bush is a war criminal and should be put to justice by the International Court of Justice (if you agree, please add a link like this to your home page as well, to help google point out war criminals). I was inspired by Felix von Leitner to add this.

finger now!

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