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Editor Class Reference

Handels editor specific tasks. More...

#include <editor.h>

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Public Member Functions

void reinit ()
void run_action (Uint32 action, Uint16 x=0, Uint16 y=0)
Uint32 getActionMPressed (Uint8 button)
Uint32 getActionMReleased (Uint8 button)
BoxsetBox (Box *newbox)
 Set the current box.
void closeBox ()
 Close the current box.
bool hasBox ()
void appendtoBuf (string)
 Append a command to the buffered map file.
string getBufLine (string match)
bool changeBuf (string, string)
 Change the specified line in the buffered map file.
string removefromBuf (string)
 Remove the first line in the buffered map file matching the specified string.
int saveBuf (string)
 Save the map file buffer to the specified file if possible.

Public Attributes

string save_name
 Name the saved map file.
string place_name
 Object to place when clicking the left mouse button.
ParameterMap place_parameters
 Parameter list used to create the object.
Uint32 action_mouse_pressed [6]
 Action type for the mouse buttons when clicking.
Uint32 action_mouse_released [6]
 Action type for the mouse buttons when releasing the button.
std::set< string > selection
bool select_start
SDL_Rect select_rect
Sint16 select_start_x
Sint16 select_start_y
bool move_start
Sint16 move_start_x
Sint16 move_start_y
SDL_Surface * mask_surface

Detailed Description

Handels editor specific tasks.

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